Ústí nad Labem has a rich industrial history and a sufficiency of skilled workers, making it attractive for businesses in the logistics and industrial sectors. Moreover, its location close to end customers and just 2 km from the D8 motorway connecting Prague and Dresden make VGP Park Ústí nad Labem City particularly suitable for last-mile logistics. The expansion of companies into this area will create dozens of new jobs, boosting employment and economic growth in the region.

A Czech company, RTR – TRANSPORT A LOGISTIKA was founded in 1991 with the aim to provide comprehensive logistics services. To this end, the company operates its own fleet of trucks in Prague, Ústí nad Labem, and Olomouc.

“The hall in VGP Park Ústí nad Labem City will substantially increase the volume of our logistics services offerings within the region of Ústí nad Labem, where we have been operating a logistics centre in Krásné Březno for a long time. The new premises, built to BREEAM green certification, will allow us to provide highly efficient and sustainable logistics operations for all our clients using modern technologies. We are happy that this new hall is being built for us by the developer VGP, with whom we have been co-operating already for 20 years,” remarked Pavel Kříž, Managing Director of RTR-TRANSPORT A LOGISTIKA s.r.o.

VGP Park Ústí nad Labem City is gradually being built on a brownfield site not far from the city centre. A total of 3 halls with at least BREEAM Very Good green certification and more than 52,000 m2 of leasable space are being developed on an overall area of almost 11 hectares. Hall A is now completed and fully occupied by Exyte Technology and Bosal Aftermarket Europe. Halls B and C are under construction concurrently and will offer over 29,000 m2 of leasable space. The park is just a 3-minute drive from the city centre and a 5-minute walk from the train station. Several public transport stops (buses and trolleybuses) are also close by. Parts of the building’s facade will be planted with greenery. Within the park, a retention basin was built to maintain a constant water level, and it is accompanied by an insect hotel.