The so-called VNA part of the warehouse, with an area of ​​almost 38,000 square meters, has been growing in the Hrušov brownfield since March this year.

"The construction associated with the largest lease transaction on the industrial real estate market last year is running according to schedule. We have currently completed the roofing of the largest part of the warehouse and are finalizing the design glazed elements of the facade. Industrial floors and most under-ceiling installations are also almost completed in this part of the building. The same awaits the other two parts of the building, ie the fully automated High Bay and the five-storey mezzanine called Pick Tower. By the end of October, we will reach the first big milestone, when the entire 60,000-square-meter warehouse will be watertight and another important phase of construction will begin, namely technology equipment, ”says Martin Budina, project director of Czech developer Conter, who is under construction to build the entire new logistics complex. in Hrušov.

The largest VNA part, where manual operation will take place, will be operational from January next year. From the start, Sportisimo will employ around 80 workers in the field of warehousing, handling equipment operators, logistics dispatching or maintenance. During 2022, the number of employees will climb to four hundred, and eventually, despite almost full automation, the new logistics center will employ 700 people. The sports chain promises them above-standard working conditions.

"Atypically, the part of the hall where the five-storey mezzanine will be located will be glazed, and at the same time air-conditioned. Which significantly increases comfort for employees. Due to the cost of operation, it is quite unique in similar buildings. But we have managed to find a suitable compromise, so sustainability is still an important synonym for the new warehouse, ”explains Aliaksei Siparau, Director of Logistics at Sportisim, about the environment where seven hundred people will work in the future.

Employees will also gain comfort in the form of a modern subsidized dining room, which will visually mimic the sporty look of the Sportisimo administrative headquarters in Prague. For example, it will be beautified by a floor with a drawn running track. As part of the region's support, the local company Unibest will take care of catering in it. "In addition to the classic company catering in the form of lunches, we also want to offer teams various options for additional refreshments, with a focus on healthy nutrition. So they will have a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables or salads and vegetarian alternatives. This is not entirely typical for similar spaces either, ”adds Josef Kaplan, director of Unibest.

Equally attractive and evocative sports wants to make a sports number one, for example, locker rooms. And it also promises comfort thanks to technology. There will be almost no employees in the High Bay area, but primarily robotic stackers controlled by modern software. These ensure that employees do not have to travel around the warehouse to find the goods, but the goods arrive directly behind them. In addition, it will lead approximately 6 kilometers of transporters from the entire five-storey picking tower. A fleet of 30 trucks will also be available to warehouse workers.

The hall for Sportisimo will be the largest building in the upcoming Contera Park Ostrava D1, which will be built by 2023. The park is being created by a demanding and costly revitalization of the brownfield in Hrušov, with which the city of Ostrava could not cope. In the modern and technologically advanced industrial park with perfect transport accessibility, the company AT Computers or Plzeňský Prazdroj will also use the storage space.