Sportisimo boasts the largest selection of sports goods and clothing in Europe. With more than seven million products in stock, the company decided to modernize the technological aspects of its warehouse and logistics processes and subsequently move all warehouse and logistics activities to Ostrava. In the first phase, more than 62,000 m2 were built, and this year the first expansion of warehouse space is already underway. Specifically, it concerns the completion of a warehouse with pallet racks, which in the first phase had a capacity of 61,000 pallet places. At the end of January, work on expanding the warehouse's capacity by almost 10,000 pallet spaces was completed.

Pallet racking for both phases was supplied by intralogistics group Mecalux, with whom Sportisimo maintains a long-term positive relationship. Sportisimo has been cooperating with Mecalux since 2008, when it completely equipped the warehouse in Rudná u Prahy with pallet racks. The total capacity at that time reached 35,000 pallet spaces, in addition, the warehouse was also equipped with a mezzanine structure and picking racks.

However, for the Ostrava project, Sportisimo decided to implement a new type of pallet racking solution. In 2023, Mecalux supplied and installed 12.5 meter high rack frames in the new warehouse. The warehouse system accommodated approximately 61,000 pallets in three types of aisles: a 2000mm wide aisle for Induction Guided Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklifts, a 3000mm wide aisle for standard counterweight forklifts and a 4800mm wide aisle for pallet storage with dimensions of 2300 × 850 mm. "These positions in the wide aisles are also used for the storage of standard europallets, where Mecalux installed three beams per load-bearing level," explains Petr Pohnán, key account manager of the Mecalux group.

In addition to the standard structural elements, the Sportisima warehouse offers several interesting improvements, especially in the area of safety - e.g. protective polypropylene nets, protection against the impact of webs in the aisles, special frame protection (with frontal horizontal protection made of wood), translation stations on each of the frames, picking levels, which are equipped with wire shelves in the entire height of the shelves, or two pedestrian passages through the shelves along the entire length of the warehouse. The expansion of the warehouse was again based on the concept of placing rows of shelves with three different aisle widths.

After expansion, the warehouse system has a total capacity of 71,000 pallet places, spread over 52 aisles, with racks 112 to 120 meters long. The strong partnership between Sportisim and Mecalux led to the creation of one of the largest warehouses in the Czech Republic. The warehouse was put into use at the end of January 2024.

Sportisima stock in numbers
71,000 pallet places
52 lanes
The racks measure 112 and 120 m
The total area of the warehouse is 90,000 m2