The premises helped maximize efficiency in the storage and distribution of books and comics

"Larger and more modern spaces have helped us maximize efficiency in the storage and distribution of books and comics. Top logistics technologies better oriented in the warehouse, will increase the speed of order processing and create a search for goods using bar codes," explains Jiří Pavlovský, CEO of Seqoy.

"The golden industrial era, started by Amazon in the original Panattoni Park of Prague I Airport, is now coming to an end with Seqoy and it is a comic book story with a good ending. It turned out that the location near Prague, the international airport and good connection to the highway network, is a significant benefit for all our business partners. I look forward to gaining experience in other places in the future," adds Pavel Sovička, Panattoni's General Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Neighbors? DSV, Tirex Tire, Panalpina, Huajie, ViaPharma…

DSV, Tirex Tire, Panalpina, Huajie, ViaPharma. This is just a glimpse of renowned multinational companies that have started at Panattoni Park Prague II Airport in recent years. The first tenant in 2016 was the logistics company DSV. Since then, a fully occupied 113,195 m2 of space intended for purchase and 17,800 m2 of the area ready for sale have been prepared.

The occupancy of Panattoni Park at Prague II Airport corresponds well with the recent creation of a unique green zone around the industrial center. The main goal of the project is to return the draw to the surrounding landscape. It is the creation of draws that is considered to be one of the best ways to help expand biodiversity and retain water in the region.

For property management, Panattoni means that the arrival of Seqoy exceeds the limit of 800,000 m2 of space, which they actively manage for their clients and influence the team conditions for their business.

"Seqoy's very specific and interesting focus is a great snippet into our color feature of the mosaic, which will soon reach the magical size of one million square meters," adds Robert Chmelař, Head of Property Management for Panattoni.


Source:// Systémy logistiky