The developer's flexibility and long-term satisfaction with the premises in Senec's GLP Park are the stated reasons for the extension of the lease agreement by this provider of logistics services. "We really appreciate that the GLP team was able to custom build a tire storage hall for us, taking into account the specific requirements of fire safety. We have thus obtained a comfortable and, above all, safe working environment," says Martin Kuen, director of Quehenberger Logistics for the region of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The company uses premises in Senec for the storage and distribution of tires from a number of important manufacturers. Ze Sence provides logistics services for a number of surrounding countries.

Emphasis on environmental aspects

The future GLP Bratislava business zone will then consist of several low-energy buildings with an intelligent energy and operation management system. Photovoltaic panels on the roofs will save energy costs, recuperation, water consumption will reduce the use of rainfall. The project is designed with an emphasis on long-term sustainability and respect for nature. The public will be able to use, among other things, the cycle pump track.

“Extensive green spaces will be planted with native plants with low water needs to promote biodiversity. We will create a space for settlement by small animals and useful insects, especially pollinators, by landscaping and plant selection. Pedestrian paths will be built in the park for visitors and employees, including educational routes and the mentioned bicycle pump track circuit," states Jan Palek, director of GLP for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to him, the BREEAM Excellent certification will guarantee that the complex will meet strict environmental standards.