"The new superhub is mainly an investment in Wedo's future, as we plan to increase capacity without compromising service quality requirements. We will equip the transshipment facility with modern technology that can sort at least 10,000 shipments per hour with almost zero error rate, making it one of the top logistics companies in the country,” describes Daniel Mareš, Director of Wedo, about the modernization of the logistics network.

The construction of a central transshipment depot, the so-called super hub, is a key step for Wedo to improve services and increase the transport capacity of the network. It should double immediately. On the Czech market, this project will be one of the largest investments in the industry this year.

Sázava Logistics Park near Ostředek counts on other halls

Sázava Logistics Park near Ostředek, which is one of the few parks currently emerging on the D1, counts on three other halls in addition to the package sorting center for Wedo. In total, the complex near Ostředek will offer 50,000 m2 of storage space, and UDI Group will invest a total of one billion Czech crowns in its construction. The developer is still negotiating with future tenants of other halls. “The location of the complex directly at the exit of the D1, only a 20-minute drive from Prague, predetermines the complex for logistics. The main advantage is that the trucks will not burden the roads of lower classes in any way," explained Marcela Fialková, Director of Communications at UDI Group. According to her, the halls can, of course, also be used for light industrial production.

The position also played an important role in Wedo's decision about the super hub. „34. km D1 is a strategic place for the parcel transport network and will enable Wedo to make transport significantly more efficient,” says Daniel Mareš.

UDI Group currently invests around 3.2 billion Czech crowns in logistics in the Czech Republic

UDI Group currently invests around 3.2 billion crowns in logistics in the Czech Republic. In addition to the four halls near Ostředek in the colors of the UDI Group, another complex is being built with three halls with a total of 135,000 m2 of storage space near Přehýšov on the D5. They should be completed by the end of next year. Here, too, the developer is already negotiating with the tenants. However, in addition to logistics, UDI Group directs most of its investments in office, commercial and residential projects not only in the Czech Republic but also in other Central and Eastern European countries.

"This year will be crucial for the company's development. We plan to grow and this involves not only investments in technology, but also many other activities to make sure that our employees have an excellent background and together we can respond to the growing interest in delivery services even during the usual seasonal peak, "he said of this year's plans. Daniel Mareš.


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