The costs of the physical security services of the logistics area in Jesenice near Prague were constantly rising, and the company was not satisfied with the services of the existing security agency either. That's when PERI's management came across a solution proposal from M2C. She performed a security analysis and defined a clear principle of securing the area without the help of physical force. In connection with this analysis in the warehouse, it also emerged the need to control the vehicles leaving the warehouse area.

Full security automation

Full automation of the security of the PERI campus is now ensured by continuous surveillance of camera systems using image analysis from the Space remote surveillance center. "The entire campus is complemented by the automation of driver check-in via e-Reception, which is connected to other technologies such as a camera with license plate reading, an automatic barrier, an LED board, but also with the forwarding software used at the facility," says David Pulkert, commercial director of M2C for the Czech Republic. Thanks to the use of e-Reception at such facilities, the process of identification and check-in of drivers who come to the client to load or unload goods is much more efficient. For greater simplification, drivers can also use a very user-friendly mobile application after initial registration for entry.

The result is the streamlining of the driver check-in process and the elimination of human error. This solution also removes the financial burden associated with people who have to be there 24/7. Full automation brings the client a cost reduction of up to 60%. "Where we can install technology, we can increase work efficiency. By automating logistics and security processes, several positions can be saved, such as porter, warehouse reception, security worker or reception. The PERI campus will save 3.5 positions thanks to this solution, which is about 7 people. In the case of a larger area, there will also be greater savings in positions and people. The company can move employees who are no longer needed in these positions to other job positions in the company," concludes David Pulkert.

You can view the entire autonomous solution system and e-Reception in a short video HERE