IRCE will buy 50,000 m2 (5 hectares) of the city. After the completion of the production facilities, the company will produce conductors for winding made of copper and aluminum, insulated with a thin enamel layer, as well as conductors laid over each other, the so-called CTC (Continuous Transposed Conductor). These are used for electric motors, generators and transformers for electric vehicles, in household appliances and electronics and are also needed in the production and distribution of electricity. The expected volume of production is estimated at up to 24 thousand tons per year.

"Despite the unfavorable period of the covid-19 pandemic, which has an impact on strategic decisions about the future direction of many companies, we managed to bring the Italian company IRCE to the strategic industrial zone of Mošnov. Intensive communication, which was definitely not easy during this period, we have successfully completed in recent days and an investor comes to the zone, declaring that he will build his plant with intelligent automated production and the most advanced technologies, which require close cooperation with research centers and artificial intelligence," said the mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura.

Based on the interest of the Italian investor from last March, its location in the locality of the Strategic Industrial Zone Ostrava-Mošnov, the total area of ​​which is 200 hectares, was agreed, while over 70 percent of it will already be occupied. Almost 60 hectares will remain for sale, of which the city will leave a reserve of about 51 hectares for the arrival of a strategic investor. The strategic industrial zone is a unique opportunity for investors who are interested in benefiting mainly from its strategic location near the international airport with the possibility of connection to expressways and the railway network. More information about the zone and free areas can be found on the website. Currently, the industrial zone employs almost 3,900 people, the arrival of IRCE could increase this number by another hundred in the future.

The Italian investor chose the zone in Mošnov for his new production plant due to its location near Ostrava, from where it wants to supply most customers from Central and Eastern Europe, especially from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

"For our Czech plant, we count on the acquisition of the most advanced technologies and equipment from industry 4.0, which will meet the strictest requirements for energy savings and environmental protection. The newly created workplaces for the operation of sophisticated production equipment for wire forming on rolling mills, their annealing, insulation coating, curing, winding, inspection and packaging will be technically more highly qualified, "said IRCE CEO Filippo Casadio.

In the future area of ​​the company on 27,000 m2 (2.7 hectares) of built-up area, there will be production, assembly, workshop, storage and office premises and industrial towers. The investor has contractually undertaken to operate a production whose negative effects will not extend beyond the boundaries of the complex. Operation in the new production plant will be continuous, three shifts seven days a week.

Source: // Retrend