Developers are responding to the new wave of demand, especially from e-commerce

"Despite the partial decline in construction last year, we see many new projects and developers. They are responding to the new wave of demand, especially from e-commerce and operators connected to this area," says Dušan Drábek, head of the industrial and logistics real estate leasing department at the international consulting company BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Increased activity of tenants is a sign of the boom in the construction of industrial premises. The last quarter of last year was the strongest quarter ever since 2016, with 459,760 m2 of gross realized demand. market research and consulting department. Simply put, the industrial sector has also grown as a result of the forced downturn in traditional retail formats.

Growth of demand for logistics areas in the Pilsen region

The growing demand for logistics space in the Pilsen region, mainly due to its location near the border with Germany, attracts developers to massive construction. 92,000 m2 of logistics space is currently under construction in the Pilsen Region. The Moravian-Silesian Region is not far behind either, where it is planned to build up to 400,000 m2 of industrial space.

Prague? Few areas!

Prague and its surroundings maintain a clearly dominant position, with a 35% share of the total leasable area. "The demand for warehouse space in the wider Prague is higher than what the developers can supply. This initiates the emergence of new projects in Central Bohemia, the attractiveness of which is gradually growing," adds Dušan Drábek. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Prague and its surroundings accounted for twenty-seven percent of new leases.