A modern industrial facility at Panattoni Park Cheb South has become the most environmentally friendly industrial building in the world. The building has received an Outstanding rating and a record score of 94.2 percent according to the prestigious BREEAM 2016 New Construction sustainability certification. The facility has a total area of 40,000 square metres. Most of the building’s space is leased by AUTODOC, a German online seller of automotive components, which currently operates in 27 European countries and employs approximately 5,000 people in ten countries.

“The achieved level of certification is good not only for Panattoni, but for the whole Czech Republic. It underscores the fact that modern industrial construction in the Czech Republic truly has the highest global standards and places strong emphasis on responsibility toward the environment and local communities. Thanks in part to this, our country remains an interesting destination for investments of multinational companies that want to conduct global business in the area of sustainability,“ says Pavel Sovička, Managing Director of Panattoni for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Rainwater flushing and energy saving

Panattoni Park Cheb South, which arose on a brownfield in a former engineering works complex, is composed of six buildings, two of which have the Outstanding rating. The facility that AUTODOC uses as a distribution centre is literally laden with sustainable elements. The construction itself was carried out in accordance with strict environmental measures; more than 85% of the construction waste was saved from being disposed of in landfills. The exposed parts of the building are designed to minimise the frequency of replacements and all materials were selected with respect to their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

The building is also exceptional in the area of energy management. Thanks to the installed water-saving sanitary equipment and the rainwater flushing system, daily consumption of potable water has been reduced by 85%. Total consumption of primary energy has been reduced by 59.2% in comparison with the reference state, resulting in a 68.6% decline in the level of CO2 emissions generated by the building. The building thus annually saves 2,474 tonnes of CO2 emissions. All interior and exterior lighting comprises highly efficient LED light fixtures. Optimum penetration of natural light is ensured by large, openable windows equipped with blinds. The roof is ready for the installation of a photovoltaic power plant,

The emphasis on sustainability is also apparent in the building’s immediate vicinity. The landscape greenery was planted with native species with low maintenance requirements and water consumption. In addition to that, the arrangement of the greenery provides abundant space for the habitat of birds, insects and small vertebrates. The site also contains an insect hotel, a lizard habitat and nesting boxes for squirrels. Employees can use an outdoor gym, dining hall and relaxation area with seating. Environmentally friendly transport is provided by a regular bus line that operates directly in the complex. Charging stations for electric vehicles and locking bicycle stands are also available.

Excellent transport connections are another major advantage of the whole project. The park is located in close proximity to the I/21 highway, which connects to the D5 motorway leading from Prague to Rozvadov. The European railway corridor from Prague to Nuremberg passes through Cheb and a local line provides a railway connection with the border areas of Germany and the Czech Republic. A container terminal is located only 33 km away in Wiesau, Germany.

Supremacy in both the Czech Republic and Poland

The Cheb facility is the seventh Outstanding building in the Panattoni portfolio in Europe. According to statistics, the overwhelming majority of buildings that undergo BREEAM 2016 New Constrution certification achieve a Very Good rating, followed at a great distance by Excellent, whereas only approximately 3% achieve the highest Outstanding level. Furthermore, Panattoni and Accolade have become the first entities in both the Czech Republic and Poland to obtaining the BREEAM 2016 New Constrution Outstanding rating for a new industrial building. In addition to the two buildings at the Panattoni Partk Cheb South (the other is occupied by Kaufland eCommerce Fulfilment), the Stříbro industrial park and Kojetín industrial park have Outstanding certification; with a floor area of 187,000 square metres, the building in the Kojetín park is the largest structure with this level of certification. The Szczecin a Konin industrial parks in Poland have also achieved the highest rating. The total combined area of all projects with the Outstanding level of certification amounts to nearly 260,000 square metres.

The Czech Republic ranks among the leaders in sustainable industrial construction

The Czech Republic has strategically asserted itself as a leader in the area of sustainable development and has already received a total of 109 BREEAM New Construction certificates. In this respect, the country ranks second behind Poland (600 certificates) in the context of Central and Eastern Europe. Romania ranks third with 90 certificates, followed by Hungary (59), Lithuania (55) and Slovakia (45).

The significant number of certified buildings in the Czech Republic underscores the country’s attractiveness as an investment destination for companies that want to adapt to global sustainability goals.

 Within the BREEAM certification process, all parameters are compared to a standardised industrial building.