Construction is proceeding according to schedule, the development company informs. "Due to the current high demand for warehouse space, which is in short supply on D1 so close to Prague, we started the construction of the last hall speculatively, without having a tenant at the time, and it paid off for us. More and more potential tenants are interested in warehouses that will meet their requirements, including all the details, but at the same time they want to have the building completed in a very short time," UDI Group strategy director Marcela Fialková explains the change in the group's approach to construction.

The company UDI Group decided to use the speculative construction in its other premises near Pilsen near Přehýšov. "We are currently starting construction work on the first hall of 50,000 square meters of warehouse space in the Přehyšov logistics center. "Several multinational tenants, with whom we are now negotiating, have already shown interest in renting the premises," continues Marcela Fialková. The campus in Přehýšov will be significantly larger than the one on D1. The group is planning a total of 130,000 square meters in three halls near the D5 highway. The investment here will be in the total amount of around 3.2 billion crowns.

Tenants from various industries

The Czech logistics company Wedo started operations in the first of the halls of the Sázava Logistic Park area in the spring, which already has a fully functional parcel sorting facility for the entire country (the so-called Superhub). The second, at the same time the biggest hall of the whole area, which has almost 20,000 square meters of covered area, is also slowly being finished. The tenant, which is the German logistics company Nagel-Group, installs its equipment in it. It will store food for domestic retail. A third hall is already growing in the area, where in the future the pool and trampoline retailer Marimex will set up its warehouse and showroom. The last and at the same time the smallest hall with an area of ​​less than 6000 square meters has now been rented by the Emons company. The area on D1 will therefore be fully leased and ready for sale to one of the multinational operators of logistics parks at the beginning of next year, if UDI Group decides to do so. "However, we are also considering the possibility of keeping the area. It remains to be seen, depending on the market situation, what will be more interesting for us at that moment," Marcela Fialková points out.

The entire site of UDI Group Sázava Logistic Park is aiming for ecological certification in the BREEAM system at the Very Good level. High-quality thermal insulation of halls ensures efficient management of heat. The energy label counts with category B, i.e. a very economical building. The current high energy prices are also the reason why UDI Group started looking into the possibility of building a solar power plant on all the buildings in its portfolio, where the situation allows, and thus ensuring a favorable energy price for users.

A large proportion of greenery will be preserved on the plot, which has 140,000 square meters. Light foils will be installed on all roofs, which reduce the heating of the air above the halls and thus prevent the so-called heat island effect. The prize winner will be Sázava Logistic Park in rainwater management. This will be drained from the roofs and all paved surfaces into retention tanks and will then be used to irrigate the greenery in the area. This is common practice today. In addition, UDI Group will deploy an innovative system for treating part of the rainwater for drinking in this logistics park.

According to Knight Frank's analysis, client interest in new industrial premises is now breaking records in the Czech Republic. In the second quarter, their vacancy rate fell to the level of one percent, which is a historic low.