Noark Electric Europe sells electrical installation materials and accessories. The PST CLC warehouse has a central warehouse for Europe. Cooperation with a logistics company entrusted with warehousing and distribution saves her time and money. This cooperation lasts over four years and its scope is increasing every year.

Outsourcing increases flexibility

"We are constantly increasing our sales volumes. We came across the possibilities of our own warehouse. We would not be able to respond to our growth on our own, so in July 2017 we decided to hand over warehousing completely to PST CLC professionals, ”says Andrea Kubátová, supply chain manager at Noark Electric Europe, which is responsible for logistics and customer service. He considers flexibility to be the main advantage of logistics outsourcing, as the company does not have to deal with warehousing, increase storage capacity or staff.

"We don't have to deal with finding and operating warehouses, renting or recruiting. We can transfer the creation of processes in the warehouse and the responsibility for such actions to the PST CLC provider, “states Andrea Kubátová.

From receipt to dispatch

On a monthly basis, PST CLC operators process an average of 2,000 orders (delivery notes) for Noark Electric Europe, which amounts to 14,000 order lines, ie items - lines on delivery notes and 500,000 shipped pieces.

Noark Electric Europe currently has over 3,500 items that PST CLC stocks on an ongoing basis. It is a variety of sizes - from screws to switch cabinets.

"Goods come to us directly from China from the manufacturer, but also from other European suppliers. We accept goods from freight containers from China, we provide unloading and sorting, then the inspection of goods and their storage and then removal from storage, "describes Vít Votroubek, CEO of PST CLC.

It takes one to two days to process a full shipping container. From European suppliers, the goods are usually delivered to the warehouse. Storage takes place in classic pallet racks, which are serviced by reach trucks or system trucks. Both storage and picking trucks are used.

All stock operations with code reading

The lower positions in the shelves are used as picking, the upper location serves as a storage, where bulkier goods are stored. A two-storey gallery is also used, in the basement of which there is a working space for the assembly, inspection and packaging of goods. On the first and second floors of the gallery are small shelving systems for storing smaller items. Each stored product has its own EAN code, so identification on receipt takes place by scanning barcodes.

Warehousing is controlled by a WMS system that works on the basis of a defined warehouse map. Each location has its own barcode. The reader is therefore used for all warehouse operations. PST CLC operators mark the entire pallets with their own pallet labels, so the company has a detailed and mainly online overview of stored goods.

He receives all PST CLC removal requests from Noark Electric Europe in data form. The data is loaded into the WMS system fully automatically and the storekeepers see the information as soon as the data is entered. The warehouse workers then stock the goods on the basis of a picking list generated from the WMS system, so they know exactly what and from which locations they should pick them up.

The warehouseman who picks up transports the goods to the assembly zone, where another worker checks the completeness and correctness of the picked material, then packs the goods. New shipping cartons or blank cartons from previous orders are used for packaging. Exceptionally, as part of Noark Electric Europe's promotional events, the warehouse in Úžice also repacks or affixes promotional stickers.

Data-based collaboration evaluation

The cooperation between PST CLC and Noark Electric Europe is regularly evaluated on the basis of precisely defined KPI criteria. "The quality of picking is important, which is why we monitor, for example, the correctness of picked orders. We also focus on the timeliness of storage of goods. Upon receipt, it is important to stock as soon as possible. The timeliness of picking forward orders also plays a role in KPI indicators, "says Michal Foret, senior project manager at PST CLC.

Noark Electric Europe uses three carriers for distribution from the warehouse, covering the whole of Europe. "We sort distribution orders with us according to a pre-arranged key. In addition, we directly order shipments from carriers. We have access to their systems, into which we enter transport requirements, "states Michal Foret.

According to Andrea Kubátová, Noark Electric Europe is currently increasing its insurance reserves in connection with the pandemic in order to prevent a possible supply disruption. "This is reflected in additional requirements for storage capacity, warehousing and other logistics activities. Outsourcing significantly facilitates our business, which we focus on all the more, ”says Andrea Kubátová.