As Head of Asset Management, he oversees all aspects of operations, customer care, leasing, building management and construction management in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

"I accept the new position with enthusiasm and I am happy to help the Central European team further expand our portfolio and streamline our operations," says Martin Baláž, Head of Asset Management for Central Europe.

The new organizational structure of Prologis was introduced on January 1, 2024 with the aim of streamlining the management and layout of the portfolio within the region in order to respond even more effectively to the needs of customers who are increasingly looking for tailored real estate and operational solutions. By optimizing the management of the European portfolio, Prologis will achieve much greater operational flexibility and efficiency.

In addition to Martin Baláž (Central Europe), Jessica Pilkes (Northern Europe), Cristian Oller (Southern Europe) and Stuart Davies (Great Britain) also became Heads of Asset Management.

“In my ten years at Prologis, I have learned that customers always come first for our teams. We implement innovative solutions in such a way that customers and local communities benefit from them - therefore I am sincerely glad that I can continue to contribute to the success and management of this company in Central Europe," adds Martin Baláž.