The intention of the European developer may be interesting for owners who have capital tied up in real estate and need to release it in the form of a "sale & leaseback" transaction. P3 is especially looking for locations that have a suitable use according to the spatial plan (light production and storage) and are easily accessible by transport. "We are ready to buy not only land for future construction, but also existing buildings that are either empty or occupied by tenants. We are interested in buildings not only of A or A+ quality, which will be close to our standard, but also of a lower standard suitable for redevelopment," explains Ondřej Vodička, who is in charge of acquisitions at P3.

The key parameter for new acquisitions is location. P3 has always relied on excellent transport accessibility. In addition to good connections to motorways and first-class roads, the route to the park should not pass through populated areas of the municipalities to limit impacts on the quality of housing around the parks. From a broader point of view, the developer also assesses the potential of the place for employment. In total, this year the P3 portfolio in the Czech Republic could be expanded by tens of thousands of square meters of land.