The logistics-industrial complex P3 is located between the eastern edge of Lovosice and the village of Lukavec, near exit 45 of the D8 highway. It is the great transport accessibility with a perfect connection to the capital or our western neighbor that makes it attractive for logistics companies.

Convenient location for logistics

Historically, the first tenant of the park was FM Česká, which distributes stock and goods for the Swiss hobby market on an area of ​​60,000 m2. Along with it, the largest hall is also used by other logistics companies such as Impuls Logistics, which provides storage and distribution of packaging materials, or Ecologictics, which takes care of orders from the main global e-commerce hubs.

High-quality, dry, clean and thermally insulated spaces are also suitable for storing more sensitive products. For example, the paper company Mondi Štětí stores paper and packaging material here before going to the customer.

"We can adapt the hall so that several tenants can operate independently in it. Units for rent can be very variable, from 3,500 m2, while we have a clear height of 10 meters in P3 Lovosice," says Aleš Zacha, head of development at P3, adding that the load-bearing capacity of the floors is also higher in the newly completed building.

Great conditions for light manufacturing

Production companies also appreciate the qualities of the Lovosice P3 park. Their employees can choose to go to work by train or bus, public transport stops are 300 and 200 meters from the park. Here, Van Eupen employees are engaged in reverse logistics and service of electrical appliances, smartphones, tablets and laptops of leading global brands. In addition to service areas, they also have 900 m2 of offices in the hall. The B2 hall, in which Van Eupen operates, became a benchmark for modern and sustainable industrial building standards at the time of its creation. It was nominated in the Best of Realty competition and boasts BREEAM Excellence certification. All buildings in P3 Lovosice meet BREEAM certification at a high level.

Sustainability for the environment

Sustainability is becoming an important aspect in many areas of business. In the industrial real estate segment, it is especially important to create sustainable solutions, also with regard to the development in the field of e-commerce and the efforts of (primarily multinational) companies to reduce their carbon footprint."All the park's buildings are certified according to the BREEAM standard at the Excellent level, which is attractive to our tenants also from the point of view of their sustainable commitments," confirms Aleš Zacha.

Most of the material used for construction meets the Environmental Product Declaration III standard, which guarantees that it will not have a negative impact on the environment during its life cycle. In addition, building materials are resistant to wear and tear by natural factors such as sunlight or changes in temperature and humidity. The air conditioning system then uses a refrigerant that has a lower potential to contribute to the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. All external lighting of the building is provided by LED lights, which are set to effectively illuminate handling areas and not shine into the surroundings to limit light smog.

However, sustainable solutions in the construction of industrial parks do not have to be limited to the buildings themselves. The immediate surroundings are just as important. Therefore, P3 plants trees around the park and strives for the overall development of the site. An outdoor gym has already been built outside the campus, and a pump track for bikes, scooters, skateboards, and skates will open there in the coming days.