Košík is the first online food retailer in the Czech Republic to use digital twins
Košík started the transfer of all items in the warehouse to their digital twins at the beginning of the year, when it put into operation its first sizing unit. The American Cubiscan device integrates a 3D scanner and a scale and can capture and store data on hundreds of items within an hour. The data is then stored in a database system, manually supplemented by important parameters such as packaging material or fragility. Košík is the first online food retailer in the Czech Republic to use this technology.

Digital twin items have dozens of uses. First of all, they significantly facilitate planning during storage and loading of individual storage zones. This is key to the development of the entire warehouse, which Košík intends to automate even more this year and expand with new vertical zones. As a result, the efficiency and capacity of the warehouse should double year-on-year again this year. At the same time, the digital model will enable better loading planning and a reduction in car emissions of up to 15%.

New elements of automation and digitization will play a key role
"The warehouse and its efficiency have long been the main limit for further development and expansion for us. Last year, we learned that we can grow smartly and look for capacity to exploit the existing system," says Tomáš Jeřábek, CEO of Košík.cz. "The goal of this year is to continue doubling, with new elements of automation and digitization playing a key role. It is still true that we tread the path ourselves so that every established novelty carries with it unique know-how."

Digital twins will further reduce the error rate when preparing purchases


Digital twins will also further reduce error rates when preparing for purchases. Pickers will have their exact photo and dimensions available when identifying items. Within automated lines, the system compares the weight and size of the purchase with the assumed properties calculated based on the digital twins and the conveyor diverts for review those orders for which the data do not match. The possibility of better planning of loading into the car then further eliminates the risk of damage to fragile items of purchase.

"Acquisition of digital twins of all stored items will significantly facilitate our planning and eliminate possible human errors. The first unit, which we are now operating in pilot mode, will soon be joined by others," says Tomáš Morava, head of logistics Košík.cz. "The use of digital twins is huge - we can work with them in virtually all current processes from storage to the last mile. So we will only discover the real potential."

Thanks to the digital twins of the goods sold, the Basket saves thousands of man-hours per month, which is why the return on the entire system is calculated in the order of units of months. Cubiscan sizing units should be complemented by other technologies in the coming weeks - the basket envisages installing hundreds of meters of more belt conveyors or improving its logistics platform.

What are digital twins?
A digital twin is a digital model of a real object or system that stores the maximum amount of information about its properties. These virtual replicas allow you to better simulate working with real items and model a variety of scenarios.


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