The latest technology in warehouses

Continental's operations in Brandýs nad Labem are already using (respectively since 2019), for example, automatically controlled trolleys for the transport of material between the main warehouse and the SMT material supermarket (SMT, Czech Republic surface mounting printed circuit board).

The plan is not only to further expand the deployment of AGV trucks but also, for example, to implement a unique robotic warehouse from the Norwegian company AutoStore within one year, which is to have a capacity of up to 16,000 boxes. A unique cobotic/robotic box handling solution will be used when unloading the goods.

Other technologies that will appear in Continental within one to two years are, for example, a special software tool for booking and planning loading and unloading windows, or an automatic scanning gate for material on pallets.

Background for employees

The projects of the new buildings follow on from the extensive expansion of facilities and production capacities from last year when Continental increased its premises by a total of 9,400 square meters. This is also related to the increase in the number of employees, which in 2020 increased by about seventy. The company plans to accept dozens more this year, looking especially for those with electrical engineering education and other technical positions. It now employs about two and a half thousand people.

"Once completed, the multifunctional office building will significantly support our long-term vision of increasing the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees. The new production hall then represents a key element of our plant's strategy leading to the achievement of an ideal production and logistics layout for the production of complex and highly sophisticated display applications, "says plant director Tomáš Vondrák.

Both new buildings began to be built in the existing main complex. The hall for the production of displays (with an area of ​​700 square meters) will complete the hall completed last year. Together, this will create 1,840 square meters of net production space needed for the production of displays. Continental in Brandýs uses special optical bonding and hybrid bonding technologies that improve the readability of displays in direct sunlight. Displays with a diagonal of up to 12 inches will be produced in the new premises, which is why the requirements for production areas with very high purity are expanding.

A new office building will be built on the piles above the current car park in order to preserve as many parking spaces as possible. The ground floor with an area of ​​940 square meters and the first floor with 2400 square meters will perform a number of functions. In addition to offices, employees will be served by, for example, a fitness center, children's corner, doctor's office, training center or a large canteen with its own kitchen. The building will also become a new entrance zone to the entire complex.

"We are very pleased to be able to not only continue our years of cooperation with Continental but even expand it," says Róbert Dikan, Asset Manager at CPI Property Group, which owns and manages the site.