For WITTE Automotive Czechia, the new production plant, with an area of ​​27,000 square meters, represents the company's third branch in the Czech Republic. The company has other offices in nearby Nejdek and also in Ostrov, just a short distance from where the new hall is now being built. The originally German company, which deals with system solutions for doors, hoods and seats for cars, currently employs over 2,000 people in the Czech Republic, making it the second strongest employer in the Karlovy Vary region. It is important that key roles in product development and production are centralized directly in the Czech Republic.

In the first phase of the project, WITTE Automotive Czechia is going to open a new production plant that will offer 250 to 350 jobs."The expansion of activities in the Karlovy Vary region is a confirmation of our determination to maintain the WITTE brand in this region as a leading employer with modern facilities for its employees and customers. The new production plant will provide the necessary area for the planned projects of our customers and significantly improve not only our ability to automate and digitize, but also the facilities for employees. WITTE's main goal is also the reorganization of the areas between the new plant and the original plant in Nejdek, where we are simultaneously expanding the Spare Parts Center. The expansion of this center by an additional 50 jobs will enable WITTE to better employ people with work restrictions for shift work and in the 55+ category, which we see as a very important social factor for the Karlovy Vary region. In other activities, we will focus on developing the expertise of our employees, deploying modern technologies and minimizing the ecological footprint. The construction of the new plant underlines our strategic commitment to further development and innovation," emphasizes Michal Hornák, managing director of WITTE Automotive Czechia.

"This is another of a number of projects supporting the economic transformation of the Karlovy Vary region. In addition, the WITTE company is considered a good employer in the locality. At Panattoni Park, Ostrov South will focus not only on production, but also on development. We are very pleased with the interest in expanding production within the locality, as it proves that the Karlovy Vary region has a lot to offer foreign investors," says Klára Sobotková, Regional Development Director, Panattoni.

"We have been investing in the Karlovy Vary region for over ten years and we are happy to see where the region has moved in that time. We are happy that our industrial parks help major players to maintain and expand current production while further increasing the supply of skilled jobs in the locality. We wish WITTE many orders and success in the next thirty years at least in the Karlovy Vary region," Accolade CEO Milan Kratina said.

The new industrial park stands out due to its location and excellent access to transport infrastructure. It will integrate elements of sustainable construction and modern technologies that not only reduce energy consumption, but are also environmentally friendly. These include heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, systems for heat recovery or gentle treatment of rainwater, and last but not least, charging stations for electric cars. The project will aspire to one of the highest ratings in the BREEAM New Construction international sustainability certification, at the Excellent level.