The Brno branch of ViT Logistics is planning further growth thanks to the new warehouse."We can recruit more customers and enter into wider partnerships with foreign forwarding companies, with whom we operate regular collection lines from all over Europe and regular lines within sea and air transport," states Vít Mázdra, managing director and owner of ViT Logistics.

Warehouse for cross-dock and long-term storage

Vít Mázdra adds that there is enough space in the warehouse for both cross-docking and long-term storage as part of outsourcing. Collection lines are dispatched from Brno mainly to Turkey, Spain, Germany, Greece and other countries, as well as trucks from these countries are received in the warehouse."In the Brno warehouse, we will take over the consignments, unload them, consolidate them into the collection trucks of our partners and then distribute them. The warehouse in Brno operates in both import and export mode," he describes.

He adds that the company uses the WMS LOGI system for long-term storage and the LORI system for TMS collection services, both from CID International from the OLTIS Group.

CTPark Brno also has a strategic location thanks to its proximity to the customs declaration

ViT Logistics chose CTPark Brno not only because it was close to the former branch, but also because it is close to the customs office.“We have our own customs declaration team. From the point of view of customs clearance, CTPark Brno therefore has a strategic location for us," says Vít Mázdra.

The company is currently focusing on expanding its portfolio of customers, to whom it offers complex logistics services, i.e. not only transport and storage, but also value-added services, such as repacking, labeling and the like."We are also expanding in Prague, where interest in cross-docking is growing. Our Prague branch has a warehouse in Štěrboholy, where we use approximately 7,000 square meters of warehouse space. Thanks to a significant increase in interest in cross-docking in Prague, we were able to move part of the shelves from the warehouse there to Brno. We have another warehouse for long-term storage in Klecany, where we use approximately 3,500 square meters," says Vít Mázdra.