Urbanity Campus Tachov represents a new generation of industrial sites that are an integral part of the city and provide services not only to employees, but also to local communities, according to the development group. There is a race doctor, relaxation zones, but also a children's group, the establishment of which supported pre-school education in the local region. Urbanity has currently started the construction of two industrial buildings as part of the second stage, which clients will be able to move into in the second half of 2024. The units offer areas starting from 5,000 square meters with individual customization, and in total, the group will deliver over 31,000 square meters of industrial space to the market.

"We build production buildings tailored to specific clients, to whom we want to provide tailor-made spaces of the highest standards. People spend most of their day at work, so it is important to prepare an environment where they will feel good. We also have pre-selected architectural solutions for built-in interiors for clients, which pleasantly harmonize the colors with the materials used. They can thus choose a design according to their own preferences. Our individual approach ensures the client's long-term satisfaction and thus has no reason to look for other premises, which we perceive as the best form of feedback," says Markéta Šimáčková, COO of the Urbanity group.

The complete completion of the area also includes the construction of a multifunctional building that will offer hotel-type accommodation, or the project of a public forest park and a kindergarten. Already last year, extensive reconstruction of the infrastructure and cultivation of greenery took place on the campus, together with the implementation and use of renewable energy sources.