Alza is the first to bring the American brand Boston Dynamics to the Czech Republic, which manufactures some of the most advanced robots today.

Innovation in practice: robotics will become increasingly popular and useful

"At Alza, we love innovation and we want to be the ones who open up new topics. That is why we are extremely happy that we managed to bring the world-famous brand to the Czech Republic. We believe that robotics will become more and more popular and useful. An example can be the increasingly popular robotic vacuum cleaners or mowers," says Jan Sadílek, Marketing Director of

In the Boston Dynamics labs, they have learned to move a meter long and more than 30-kilometer robot on various surfaces, at speeds of up to 6 km/h. Thanks to several cameras, it can monitor its surroundings in the range of 360°. It can carry a load of up to 14 kilograms and is waterproof. The easily replaceable battery lasts 90 minutes of operation. Thanks to its resistance to high and low temperatures, it does not mind being used in extreme conditions.

The robot can overcome obstacles, deliver an order at a branch or even home

Alza plans to test the robot in various environments and situations. Thanks to his four legs, he has no problem walking up the stairs, he can automatically overcome obstacles or open the door with a robotic hand. This makes it possible, for example, to bring the order to the customer at the branch and up to his apartment. It is the customers who will be able to participate and suggest the possibility of using a new team member in the competition on Alza's Facebook profile. The author of the selected design will get the opportunity to participate in testing and try out for himself what Dášeňka the dog can do.

The company added some Boston Dynamic robot representatives to its offer a year ago, but has not yet started selling them in reality. It plans to change this in the near future. It significantly expands the entire category and wants to make robotics accessible to the general public. That is also why it has added more affordable products to its offer. The selling price of the Spot robot has not yet been determined. The purchase price is around 2 million Czech Crowns.

The use of robotics in logistics and households is being investigated

With this step, the e-shop wants to show the public that gradually in our lives they will become common and more sophisticated robotic helpers than just vacuum cleaners and smart speakers. That is also why he established cooperation with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University with the aim of even better exploring the possibilities of practical use of robotics in logistics and households.


Source:// Systémy Logistiky