The largest and most modern

With its 46,000 m2 area, the newly opened transshipment center of PPL is twice as large as the existing hub located near Říčany in Central Bohemia. To give you a better idea, this is the area of four football fields. By connecting fully automated high-speed sorting lines, the transfer station can handle up to 500,000 domestic and international shipments per day, thanks to the sorting system built on two Crossbelt SCS 1500 belts, which together handle up to 20,000 parcels per hour.

"With its strategic location right next to the D11 highway, the new hub will contribute to strengthening the distribution network in international transport. The transshipment thus shortens the transport time for 8 direct connections, namely with Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia. The new sorting center is located outside residential areas so that its operation does not burden the surrounding area. However, due to its location near Hradec Králové and Pardubice, it is also easily accessible for a total of 140 PPL employees who manage the operation of the transshipment center," said PPL CZ CEO Petr Horák.

One step closer to sustainability

In addition to modernization, the PPL transport company has long-term emphasis on sustainability. The modern construction of the new center is thus energy-efficient and also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of individual shipments. For example, technologies with low energy consumption were used for the production of the sorting system.

To strengthen its sustainability strategy, the carrier purchases 85% of all required electricity from renewable sources. The building is equipped with effective ventilation and heating, it is also effectively insulated and equipped, for example, with rainwater tanks. Electric car chargers will also be installed in the campus area over the coming months. The roof of the building is ready for the installation of solar panels in the future, which the carrier plans to install by 2025. The opening of the new transshipment thus not only represents a major milestone in the history of PPL, but also fulfills the green strategy in the area of environmental impact and sustainability.