The 46-year-old entrepreneur led the company from the position of CEO from its inception in 2010 until its sale at the beginning of this January. After the transaction is completed, she will be replaced by Erich Čomor, who was at the birth of Air Bank or led the German Rohlík. Packeta made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday.

In December 2023, the shareholders of the Packeta group, namely JSK Investments (48.6 percent), Notino and four other shareholders, entered into an agreement to sell a 100 percent stake to the consortium Emma Capital and CVC Capital Partners with the capital support of R2G.

Packeta has been profitable for a long time and reached a turnover of 7.25 billion crowns in 2023. Compared to 2022, it managed to double its EBITDA operating profit.

"We are selling a financially sound company that is number one in its field in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and that delivers shipments to thirty-three countries and is a love brand for tens of millions of customers," commented Kijonková.