In November 2015, the land became a construction site, thanks to the DC1 building, which was built to order and was the first of eight buildings that rose on the territory of P3 Prague D11. The fact that the park's largest building was chosen first for construction also had practical reasons, as it created a natural screen that protected the nearby residential area from further construction activity. The total area of ​​the park is 154,523 m2, and in terms of purely built-up area, the halls range in size from 5,069 m2 to 39,124 m2. The main asset of the park is its location, as it is located 20 minutes drive from the center of Prague and has a train stop within walking distance. The campus is near exit 8 on the D11 highway, connecting Prague - Hradec Králové - Poland, and only 4 km from the D10 highway, which leads to Mladá Boleslav and Liberec. In addition to being connected to the most important East Bohemian routes, the industrial park can use synergy with the neighboring park P3 Prague Horní Počernice, which is only a 13-minute drive away.

The first tenant to move into P3 Prague D11 is the logistics company FM Česká. It uses the premises in the DC1 hall mainly for the storage of food products. This is also related to the refrigeration equipment that the company P3 implemented in the building for the client. In the DC1 hall, they also found operational facilities for their stores and the Lidl chain, which uses an area of ​​5,000 m², and only slightly smaller premises (4,700 m²) are leased by the Saint-Gobain company with its automotive section focused on car glass.

"The portfolio of tenants in P3 Prague D11 is diverse. In addition to the historic first, we also have the first historic tenant, which is the company ČKD Howden. It moved production from the plant in Prague's Vysočany to the custom-built DC7 hall, where it had been producing almost since the beginning of the First Republic," notes Jan Andrus, head of leasing at P3 Logistic Parks in the Czech Republic.

The industrial park is full of innovations that are designed to exactly fit the needs of clients. This is also evidenced by the DC4 hall, which is used by PPG, an American supplier of paints, coatings and special materials. The premises are designed with an emphasis on safety for the handling of chemicals and dangerous goods. Nearby in hall DC5, the last free space this year was filled by the already mentioned company QSL. The company started trial operations here in mid-July and began to use the premises in heavy traffic during August.

The new building is aiming for BREEAM Outstanding

"P3 Prague D11 is one of our greenest parks in the Czech Republic. As part of the planting of the entire area in the surroundings, we had a Green Concept developed, thanks to which we selected the right trees, bushes and other plants for planting. We also support green facades on the walls of the halls and we planted a butterfly meadow here as a pilot. A local distribution system has also been installed in the premises, thanks to which we are able to more or less immediately increase the power consumption of individual tenants in case of their request," adds Jan Andrus.

In Hall DC5, you can find cooling and freezing technology that functions as sustainable heating. The heat generated during the operation of the refrigerators and freezers is recycled and heats the concrete floors of the hall, dry storage and administrative areas. Thanks to thermal self-sufficiency, the hall does not need to be connected to a gas source. Among other things, the building aims for the highest level of sustainable building certification, BREEAM Outstanding.

As part of sustainable water management, the park is served by several retention tanks. These divert water, which can then be used for flushing toilets or maintaining greenery. Waterlogging is also supported by the maintenance concept, which means that meadows and grasses are planted around the park so that the water does not evaporate immediately.

The P3 Prague D11 industrial park now has a completely filled capacity and represents a new and modern background for the companies that decided to use its premises. P3 currently owns and manages a total of 16 such sites in the Czech Republic, and is implementing new construction in three of them (in Ostrava, Lovosice and Myslinca near Pilsen).