The terminal in Mošnov offers more options than Ostrava itself, which is due to its direct connection to the railway line. "The complex will also function as a railway terminal. Our warehouse, in which we will provide clients with warehousing and other services, has an area of ​​approximately 8,000 square meters and will be part of the entire logistics center, "says Luděk Kohout, Sales Director of PST CLC.

The warehouse is scheduled to open in the second half of this year. The modern PST CLC warehouse will be suitable for companies from various segments, such as automotive, consumer goods, food, etc. “We will replicate all the standards we already have set in other logistics centers. The warehouse is suitable for all companies that need to increase storage capacity and want to take advantage of the outsourcing of complex logistics services, with regard to the connection to rail transport directly on the premises. PST CLC will also function as a customs broker in the complex, "says Luděk Kohout. He adds that the warehouse will also include a public customs warehouse.

One of the advantages of outsourcing is that thanks to it, the customer does not have to deal with operational issues in the warehouse. "It is standard in our warehouses that the cooperation is regularly evaluated on the basis of set KPI indicators. The customer does not have to worry about the warehouse staff, its equipment, or the system and process settings of warehouse operations, which is also a significant benefit today, "emphasizes Vít Votroubek, CEO of PST CLC. Following the storage, the company will also provide companies with transport from various countries to and from the Mošnov terminal in the new complex.