The group will launch the first automated solution at its company in Munich, namely the implementation of the AutoStore system. The group will also use Shuttle-System in its warehouses in the Czech Republic and Austria. This will be followed by the gradual introduction of automation in existing and new European markets.

"Online supermarkets belonging to the Rohlik Group ship hundreds of thousands of products every day, which in some days can total more than a million items," comments Aleš Malucha, Director of Automation at Rohlik Group. "Automation will provide us with efficiency that will give us the advantage in speed and quality of delivery that our customers expect. We are now starting to implement the AutoStore system in Munich, Vienna and Prague, and we will also install the so-called ShuttleSystem, ”he adds.

AutoStore storage boxes are placed vertically in a grid and stored in a cubic structure. The boxes are selected by robots that move along the structure on the rails. This is complemented by an efficient picking workplace. This key automation element will bring a threefold increase in picking productivity and more than 30% more storage space in the Munich warehouse. This will be the first where an automated solution will be implemented. Gradually, other distribution centers will be added. To ensure the best product quality, the Munich distribution center is divided into several temperature zones: dry, chilled and frozen. In the first phase, the automation at covers a dry zone with up to 10,000 products. It will cover 60% of this range.

“At, we are pleased to be one of the first online food retailers with a highly automated filling system. Streamlining our logistics will allow us to act even faster and more flexibly in the future, which will further accelerate our growth, ”says Björn Christian Wolf, Chief Operating Officer of

The importance of this investment is underlined by the founder and CEO of Rohlik Group Tomáš Čupr: "Automation in Munich, combined with our CNG and electric cars, forms the basis of our unique strategy of using our own and sustainable technology to deliver purchases." but also an exciting project that is now becoming a reality.

The implementation of the AutoStore system will be provided by the supplier of this solution, the company Element Logic. "The partnership with the Rohlík Group, one of the European leaders in the field of online food supply, brings together two teams that value the latest technologies and software solutions. And he knows how to use them properly. Both companies have similar thinking, which is essential for a successful partnership and customer satisfaction, ”adds Michael Kawalier, Chief Sales Officer at Element Logic Germany.

The online supermarket celebrated seven years of operation on the Czech market in September this year. In addition to significant growth in the Czech Republic, it is also expanding to other markets in Europe, specifically to Hungary (, Austria ( and Germany (