The area of the former glassworks in Teplice has come back to life. Thanks to the successful revitalisation of the brownfield, the modern Panattoni Park Teplice South complex is now fully occupied and fully operational. The last vacant space in addition to manufacturing companies was occupied by the Dutch company Raben Group, a leading provider of logistics services.  It has taken over the 2,500 sqm of space.

"Starting operations at the new address in Panattoni Park Teplice South is a significant step for us. Above all, the quality of the logistics services we provide will shift significantly - thanks to the doubled capacity of the warehouse space, we will be able to meet our clients' requirements much more efficiently. Our employees can also look forward to a significant positive change in the quality of the working environment," says Jakub Trnka, Managing Director of Raben for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"We have many years of experience in building on brownfield sites in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, every completed industrial park on a site with an industrial history is a source of lessons and new experiences for us. Thanks to an excellent combination of tenants, we were able to create an industrial park with a number of unique parameters.  The new and efficient space will not only benefit Raben, but especially its employees, who will certainly appreciate the move from old buildings with low working comfort," adds Pavel Sovička, Managing Director, Panattoni for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Panattoni Park Teplice South consists of two buildings equipped with a number of features improving safety and operational efficiency. The first new 9,300 sqm hall was put into use two years ago by Czech sanitary equipment retailer Sanitino. Later, Danish transport giant Maersk and German manufacturing company Exyte Technology joined in. Maersk occupies 14,300 sqm of space, which it uses for storage and distribution of batteries for electric vehicles. In view of the tenant's activities in the hall, where it is a completely unique operation also used for in-depth quality control of battery charging, the space is divided into four independent, fire-resistant sections. Thermal monitoring cameras are also installed on site.

The remaining area of 6,350 m2 is used for production purposes by Exyte Technology, a world leader in the planning, development and supply of fan filtration units and high-end production system designs. Their products help to keep the areas in which high-tech products such as semiconductors and chips are manufactured completely clean.

Panattoni Park Teplice South is located on the site of the former Kavalier glassworks, where measuring cylinders and test tubes were produced, which were among the top products in the industry in the 1970s and 1980s. After the owner moved production elsewhere, the site began to fall into disrepair. Its remediation involved removing old environmental burdens, particularly decades of tar and joint build-up that were the remnants of lignite generator gas. Some of the building material was recycled and reused, such as the ground-up original concrete slabs that are now used to reinforce the foundations. Another interesting fact is that the construction used an outdated building materials recycling line that was operating on the site. The entire hall aspires to the prestigious Excellent rating under the BREEAM New Construction environmental certification.