The rapid pace of life and the constant need for growth require new and easily accessible premises for business, food distribution or development and production. "City logistics is definitely a trend that we are following seriously. In Prague, the park in Horní Počernice, which is one of the largest in Central Europe, is perfect for these needs. Therefore, the park can be expected to undergo further development in the coming years, when for some types of tenants it will be more appropriate to use the location further from the city center and replace them with technology companies focused on transporting goods from the e-commerce platform or the e-shop itself. " says Jan Andrus, head of rental at P3.

The developer got even further into the city center in Ostrava as part of the newly prepared P3 Ostrava Central. In the immediate vicinity of the Lower Vítkovice area, which is now a cult technical monument, it acquired 44 hectares of land. The transformation of the brownfield will create a modern commercial and industrial district, where the worlds of urban logistics, trade, production and development intersect.

Iron modern ore will be replaced by universal modern halls

Many cities with a rich engineering or industrial tradition have specific plots of land in their cadastre, so-called brownfields, where intensive industrial activity took place years ago. Developers are trying to build on their history and take advantage of their industrial use.

In the same way, the company P3 Logistic Parks decided to dispose of the area of ​​the former raw material landfill in Vítkovice, Ostrava. "It's a great location inside the city, where the open space would otherwise be hard to find. It will be the first park in our portfolio that can be reached by tram, ”says Aleš Zacha, head of development at the Czech P3, with a smile.

The newly built internal infrastructure is already connected to the construction of the first three halls. One will have almost 30,000 square meters, the other two are orders of magnitude smaller. They will be completed during the summer holidays. A total of sixteen will be built in P3 Ostrava Central with a leasable area of ​​over 156,000 square meters.

Engineering within reach of the German market

However, Ostrava is not the only industrial center to which the attention of manufacturing companies or industrial developers has turned in recent years. A good example is Pilsen, which has, among other things, a good connection to the motorway network in the direction of Germany. It is there that the P3 Plzeň Myslinka park is established, which is located in the village of the same name, about 12 kilometers from the center of Pilsen and 4 km from the D5 motorway exit. There will be units ranging from 3,000 square meters to 30,000 square meters in a total of five buildings with a total leasable area of ​​almost 65,000 square meters, which can be ready to move in next year. In addition, all newly built P3 halls can boast a guaranteed BREEAM Excellent environmental certification.