The hall in P3 Lovosice Cargo has an area of 42,331 square meters and an atypical floor plan. There is a reason for the slight bend on one side of the hall, a railway siding leads to it, along which a train set with up to 24 wagons can enter the hall directly. Loading and unloading takes place under the roof as in any other cross dock. From the other side of the hall, 25 gates for trucks are available. In addition, the building provides generous administrative facilities, 1142 square meters of office space.

"Combining road and rail transport can be an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain," says Sean-Jason Valta, leasing specialist at P3 Logistic Parks, adding that the interest in sustainable solutions in the demands of potential tenants is increasing year by year.

The hall and the railway siding were bought by P3 five years ago, when the P3 Lovosice project began to be built on the opposite side of the track. The strategic location near exit 48 of the D8 highway connecting Prague and Dresden is underlined by the presence of an international rail container hub, as well as a nearby port on the Elbe.

Until now, the area has been used by freight railway carriers, from August 2025 the hall will be available to interested parties. "We assume that international carriers, whose customers include global companies, will be particularly interested in it. Delivering on their commitments to sustainable supply chains is delivering solutions that have a clear environmental benefit,” concludes Sean-Jason Valta.