New logistics hub for storage, transshipment, and picking of goods

To connect to its main markets in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania, Kaiser + Kraft needed a new logistics hub for the storage, transshipment, and picking of goods. The central position of the Czech Republic has helped not only to shorten delivery times to 24 hours but also to reduce the carbon footprint of some Asian suppliers.

"Corporate social responsibility really means a lot to us," explains Rolf Schiffel, Executive Director of Supply Chain Management at Kaiser + Kraft. "It is important for us that our activities and initiatives are perceived positively, so we were looking for a space that would go hand in hand with our ecological thinking and the ideals of sustainability," he added.

Solar energy water heating, fast-charging stations for electric cars, LED lighting…

Building 1 in Prologis Park Brno was created with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. Key elements of the 8,700-square-foot building include solar water heating, fast-charging stations for electric vehicles, LED lighting that is part of our standard, smart meters, technical support directly in the park, and a specialized Prologis property management team. The building has received BREEAM accreditation at the "Very Good" level.

Martin Baláž, Prologis Vice President and Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said: “We are pleased to welcome Kaiser + Kraft to Prologis Park Brno. He added: “The park was designed with the conviction that our customers and their employees deserve the best spaces and facilities for work. We are constantly striving to fulfill this commitment."

Prologis Park Brno, located 10 kilometers from the city limits of Brno and 120 kilometers from Vienna, consists of two modern buildings with a total area of ​​67,000 square meters. More than 20,000 meters are available for immediate lease, then new construction can be created on another 23,300 square meters. The advantageous position of the park right next to the D52 motorway, which connects Brno with Vienna, makes it an ideal square, potentially distribution hub for domestic and international logistics services.


Source:// Systeémy logistiky