Perspective and effective technologies

The first test results of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractor proved to be favorable and confirm not only the ecological benefit but also the operational capability. The tests were carried out on three regular international routes of Gefco, and in total the truck traveled a total of 8,460 km on an LNG truck in three weeks. Consumption is positive, it is on average 15% lower than the current consumption of diesel trucks, which means fewer emissions and lower costs. Detailed test results are currently being processed by Gefco, expecting data from the tractor's telemetry system and a comparison of direct tractor consumption.

"Before the test, the challenge for us was to select suitable flows, create a testing schedule, including a refueling plan. The network of LNG stations is not so accessible and especially in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we are talking about 1 to 2 stations in each country. The challenge was to align all actors so that we could take advantage of testing on
100% in full operation of the vehicle, "says Zuzana Tryzňová, cluster innovation & lean manager of Gefco. "We are very pleased with the preliminary results. In addition to significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the tractor's LNG reaches only 71 dB when driving in quiet mode, thus contributing to an overall reduction in noise when driving through the countryside. ” by 17% compared to transport by diesel truck. This type of alternative fuel would reduce emissions by up to 25 tonnes of CO2 per year on a given route.

The way to remove the carbon footprint

LNG produces up to 95% fewer particles, 90% fewer nitrogen oxides and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95% when operating on biomethane. It is therefore an ideal alternative to diesel engines. Demand for low-carbon technologies is growing stronger not only from the public but also at the commercial and political level.

Once the expected test results have been achieved, Gefco plans to introduce this type of alternative drive for customers who take the initiative in green solutions. After gaining experience with LNG technology, the logistics company Gefco plans to expand to other customers.

Source: // Logistické systémy