The number of projects created by the regeneration of brownfields or the conversion of older properties and campuses is increasing. Due to the decrease in development areas and the regulation of construction on green fields, this trend will continue and grow stronger. According to available data from the CzechInvest agency, there are over 4,300 of them in the Czech Republic and they cover an area of 132 km2. "The mentioned regions of Ústecký and Karlovy Vary have the chance to draw significant funds for the regeneration of brownfields, and at the same time, a great economic revival of these regions is expected. From the developers' point of view, the completion of the highway network will help the South Bohemian region - especially the new D4 sections and the connection with Austria," explains Jakub Holec, director of 108 Agency.

According to 108 Agency, the volume of modern industrial spaces in the Czech Republic will exceed 12 million square meters this year. In response to the previous two very strong years expressed by the continuous growth of tenant demand, over 1,000,000 square meters will be completed in new buildings this year. The planned construction is spread over all regions, with the exception of Vysočina, where activity is marginal. In terms of absolute numbers, the new development concerns the Central Bohemian region the most, which also dominates current demand.

Availability of development land,

According to the latest data from the CzechInvest agency, the availability of development land, or areas intended for redevelopment, coincides with the potential for economic growth and the goals of public support. From the very fact that over 50% of brownfields have an industrial or agricultural history (1289 industry, 1242 agriculture), they are most densely present in the Ústecký, Moravian-Silesian and Liberec regions. In the case of the first two mentioned, heavy industry is gradually being suppressed. The Karlovy Vary region with its stock of potential development areas is in close proximity. For example, in the Sokolov district, brownfields have the largest average area, namely 24.31 ha.