On the roof of the logistics center in Rudná u Prahy, DB Schenker installed 1,544 photovoltaic panels manufactured by Canadian Solar. The power of one panel is 550 Wp, the total achievable power of the power plant is 756.7 kWp and it is able to produce 798.54 MWh per year. Thanks to the supply of energy from the photovoltaic power plant, the logistics provider saves 409.65 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

DB Schenker uses the energy obtained to power the complete operation of the terminal, i.e. the administrative building and the warehouse, including the charging of forklifts and electric cars. Any overflows will be supplied to the networks.

DB Schenker developed the entire photovoltaic power plant project together with Energon Energy Solutions, for which cooperation with the global logistics company was a valuable experience and an important milestone in its activity. "In terms of size and importance, this is an extraordinary contract, thanks to which we were able to strengthen our position as a reliable supplier of clean and sustainable energy on the domestic market. This project is also one of our key references," says Luděk Purmenský from Energon Energy Solutions.

The ever-increasing demand for renewable energy sources, the reduction of solar technology costs, government incentives and the support of sustainable energy organizations provide new opportunities for companies to implement innovative and sustainable energy projects. "We are convinced that photovoltaics will play a key role in building a green future," says Luděk Purmenský, adding that cyber security also played an important role in the project. "In order to maintain the guarantees for the individual components of the work, it is necessary to have available IP addresses on the part of the customer or the operator of the PV plant. We also managed this safety-technical task with the customer. The result is the compliance of the solution with the company-wide IT security policy and the appropriate resolution of issues within the service and software updates of the technology used," Luděk Purmenský adds.