In the period after the Christmas holidays, there is usually a significant drop in shipments. In 2021, which is characterized, among other things, by the interruption of global supply flows, the demand for transport is stronger, and so Dachser in the Czech Republic will join the Dachser Christmas-Hub project. Domestic customers thus have the opportunity to use a systemic, fully digitized solution for shipments in the last week of the year.

From the Dachser Kladno branch, there will be a direct line to the Christmas Hub in Erlensee near Frankfurt am Main every day, where shipments will be consolidated and loaded on other direct lines throughout Europe. Almost fifty of them will leave the Dachser Christmas-Hub in Erlensee, namely 47. The Dachser logistics network will thus remain fully functional for Czech customers even between Christmas and New Year and will provide them with the services they are used to throughout the year.