Eight propane gas tanks with a total volume of 72,800 liters were installed in the new industrial area in Okrouhla. This volume of gas is only used when the electric heat pumps, which are installed as a priority source of heating, will not be energy efficient at low outdoor temperatures. Then the gas infrared heaters in the hall and the gas boiler for heating hot water will be started. The amount of propane in the tanks is subject to daily on-site inspection. In addition, telemetry is also installed here, and thanks to it, the amount of gas in the tanks can be monitored remotely via the Internet. Gas storage tanks are located in the area because there is no gas pipeline built to the site.

The hall is protected by a system of stable fire extinguishing equipment, which is filled with water for the offices, but foaming agent is mixed into the storage area. The extinguishing medium is therefore foam in this case. This is because the material stored in the hall is difficult to extinguish with water. The foam is absolutely ideal for possible extinguishing in a managed object.

The nearby Autodoc facility in Panattoni Park Cheb South, also managed by B2 Assets, is among the most sustainable industrial buildings in the world under BREEAM New Construction 2016 certification. The new Panattoni Park Cheb East hall was also designed with an emphasis on sustainability and energy activity and will aim to achieve the highest level of Outstanding. The hall is accessible from important traffic arteries, such as the E42 road and the D5 highway, or is located close to the railway corridors leading from the Czech Republic to Germany, as well as to the North and Baltic Seas. The owner of the hall is the Accolade Group, the developer is Panattoni CZ & SK.