"The current form of the planned project is exactly according to our ideas and I am glad that despite the crisis, we are continuing its preparation. Thanks to this investment, I think we can prepare much better for the future effects of the pandemic. In addition, for a long time, as well as other smaller cities, we are faced with the issue of the composition of the population, when young people leave to study in larger cities and later, thanks to better, especially economic, conditions do not return.

In the field of civic amenities, we have invested hundreds of millions in the last few years to make Kojetín more attractive for young families. I firmly believe that the construction of a park for modern business will bring tenants who will offer well-paid and qualified work to all residents and will find employment for both manual occupations and university students. So far, the negotiations from both sides have been very fair and I am glad that we have gained a strong and fair partner for the development of the city," comments Leoš Ptáček, Mayor of Kojetín.

"The basic motivation for all our investments is the economic development and wealth of the Czech regions. They often offer huge untapped potential and, with a properly prepared infrastructure, they can reach even the biggest players in today's business. I am convinced that thanks to this project, Kojetín, and its surroundings will be a slightly better place to live. Locals will find well-paid work close to home, and other business opportunities may arise as a result of this project. If these factors are added to the possibility of revitalizing a dilapidated brownfield without the need to prevent agricultural land, it is a great combination," says Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade, who finances the project.

"Today has accelerated the transition to digital retail. Modern e-commerce infrastructure can withstand the effects of a pandemic and ensure the supply of necessary goods to consumers. If we want to fulfill the government's slogan and become a real Country for the future, we must create the preconditions for the emergence of state-of-the-art operations with an emphasis on robotics and the most modern world trends. It will be the first multi-storey logistics building in the Czech Republic with the assumption of robotics," adds Pavel Sovička, Panattoni's General Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The building with a floor area of ​​52,000 m2 will also have an ideal location thanks to the direct connection to the D1 motorway and the location outside the residential area, where space is separated from the city by a distillery, railway station, and solar power plant. Thanks to its location, the project will also benefit from the nearby railway corridor. Employees will be able to use the train connection both from the direction of Brno-Olomouc and from the direction of Kroměříž-Uherské Hradiště. The entire complex will be built in accordance with the principles of ecological modern construction so that the operation minimizes the impact on the environment, including the so-called carbon footprint.


Source:// Systémy logistiky