Could you please give us a brief introduction to the project of the emerging Staré Město business park?

The Staré Město Business Park is a brand new area for business located at a historic business intersection. The Old Town, together with the nearby Velehrad, has been an important center of trade routes, the development of culture and education since the time of the Great Moravian Empire. The current Business Park was created on the territory of the industrial area known as Slezan, in the premises where the textile production enterprise of the same name previously operated. The brownfield area was subjected to a thorough environmental audit, during which the soundness of the subsoil after textile production was confirmed.

What is the total area of the area and what advantages does the selected location bring?

The campus, which is located at the most strategically exposed location in the entire region, is in the immediate vicinity of the completed section of the D55 highway in the Old Town. A total of 13 networked plots are available to investors, the size of which ranges from 3,500 m2 to 100,000 m2. The plots are ready for sale in the form of a 100% commercial share of the SPV and easement of arrival and access. The biggest advantage of Business Park Staré Město is its location, which is unrivaled. It is directly adjacent to the completed D55 motorway and is strategically located at the intersection of the E50 and I/55 roads, which guarantees excellent transport connections as well as the easy availability of qualified labor in the entire area. In addition, a public transport stop and the Old Town train station are within walking distance, giving employees flexibility in travel.

You bring us an offer, so to speak, tailor-made for future users. The offer includes real estate for long-term rent, as well as plots for sale. What are the main advantages of this concept for future tenants or owners?

Although the Czech Republic is a very attractive place for local and foreign investors, new industrial sites are being created very slowly. In addition, if such an area is already created, it only offers the rental of these storage or production areas. This is not a suitable solution for companies that want to own these premises or need to build them according to their own specific needs and parameters.

Here we have decided to go against the trend and offer ready-made plots for the construction of buildings by final buyers. We think that it is important for a number of companies to directly own the facilities where their most valuable company infrastructure, expensive machines or other production technologies are concentrated and not be so dependent on lessors.

The location of Staré Město is conveniently located in close proximity to the city of Uherské Hradište and also to the Slovak and Austrian borders, which means a connection to the pan-European road infrastructure. What is the condition of the surrounding roads, road junctions, how long does it take to connect to the surrounding highways?

I would like to emphasize here that the complex is located outside residential areas, which minimizes the negative effects of traffic on the surrounding residents. The icing on the cake is the fact that the D55 highway entrance is only a 3-minute drive away from Business Park Staré Město. By the way, approval of this section of the highway is planned for December 2024. The Business Park itself has two separate independent entrances.

Is there enough skilled labor in the region? Do you anticipate the interest of cross-border workers?

The location offers access to a skilled workforce of around 290,000 residents within a 30-minute drive. The region is characterized by an industrial-agricultural character and offers attractive conditions for both work and cultural and leisure activities. However, the often asked question regarding the availability of qualified labor does not only concern the Zlín Region, it is a nationwide and long-term unresolved problem. We can see that a number of companies solve this problem with the help of automation and the involvement of robotic lines. In the Czech Republic, in general, we would hardly be able to do without foreign labor; you will appreciate this location all the more because of the nearby border with Slovakia or Poland.

In what time frame are you able to realize the project in its final form in case of signing a contract with a future tenant?

Our intention is to sell all plots in the foreseeable future and to build an industrial hall in A standard on an area of 20,000 m2 for those interested in a long-term lease. This year, we will complete the engineering work and start the construction process. A part of the space in this emerging building is already reserved by an international company engaged in the production and distribution of varnishes and paints. Moving to new premises is already under consideration at the beginning of 2026.

Do you expect more interest from domestic or foreign companies, based on the trend of economic market development in the past quarters?

We register interest in the purchase of parcels from the entire spectrum of interested parties - from medium-sized regional companies to large international players. They have one thing in common – they want to build their premises according to their own ideas in a convenient location with available qualified labor.