Vermont is investing tens of millions of euros in a warehouse in Bratislava. Installation of the systems on an area of ​​almost 1,750 m2 began on 1 June. Completion is scheduled for the first half of August this year. Thanks to the AutoStore system, warehouse efficiency and order processing speed will be significantly increased. The installation of warehouse systems began on June 1 in Bratislava. This year, in August, when the warehouse will be put into operation, Vermont will become the first AutoStore system operator in Slovakia.

"It will be a revolution in Slovak (but also in Czech and Hungarian) logistics and fashion logistics in particular," says Lukáš Baudyš, Logistic Director at Vermont Holding, adding: . Thanks to warehouse automation, we gain a significant competitive advantage, as this significantly speeds up and refines all logistics processes. The AutoStore system and other elements of automation will move us to the top of logistics. ”

The installation process is preceded by a detailed analysis of Vermont's operational processes. "Of course, we tried to find the most effective solution for Vermont," explains Jindřich Kadeřávek, CEO of Element Logic. Thanks to the AutoStore system, the use of space in warehouses will be significantly streamlined.

"Buying our own warehouse, AutoStore system and other automation and technology is an investment that will significantly move us in efficiency, accuracy and speed. These are steps to support our growth and development, "adds Baudyš.

"The duration of the receipt of new goods will be reduced to units of hours thanks to the AutoStore system. The Vermont company will thus be able to significantly speed up shipping to both stores and e-shops, ”adds Kaderávek on behalf of Element Logic.

AutoStore is based on a cubic storage system, which in the case of a Bratislava warehouse will consist of approximately 70,000 bins. 34 robots will be served. In addition, the warehouse system will also include 4 carousel ports and 4 conveyor ports for storage and picking.