The first used arch of the Negrelli Viaduct

After the demanding reconstruction of the railway bridge, which winds through Nový Město, Karlín and Holešovice, the second phase is coming. The capital received permission to build the first of the arches under which cafes, shops, and offices are to be built in the future. In autumn, the municipality glazed the arch near Sokolovská Street, and in the spring of 2024 it will open a city information center there. During its two-year trial operation, experts and preservationists want to test the effect of the new structure on the bridge.

Savarin Palace

The shopping complex in the courtyard of the Savarin Palace in the center of Prague near Wenceslas Square could open to the public as early as 2024. The Crestyl development group is renovating the palace and the complex of passages that connect Na Příkopě, V Cípu and Jindřišská streets to Wenceslas Square. After years of complex permitting, the developer received a positive opinion from preservationists in autumn 2023 and can complete his plan to build a commercial and office complex with a courtyard square, garden, cafes and restaurants. There will also be a new entrance to the subway. For now, it remains open whether the Slavic Epic will be located here, as the city intends. The Prague municipality is still litigating the ownership of the artwork with the author's heirs.

Vizualizace developerského projektu Savarin v Praze 1, který vznikne podle návrhu architektonické kanceláře Heatherwick Studio.

Visualization of the development project Savarin in Prague 1, which will be created according to the design of the architectural office Heatherwick Studio. | Crestyl

Wenceslas Square

The Prague Municipality will begin the reconstruction of the upper part of Wenceslas Square, which will follow on from the completed revitalization of the lower part of the square. The main change will be the re-introduction of the tram line, which will lead from Vinohrady via the main road to Wenceslas Square, where it will connect with the existing stops in Vodičkov and Jindřišská Street. There will also be a tram branch to the main station near the National Museum.

Masaryk station

At the beginning of the year, the Railway Administration will begin the extensive reconstruction of Masaryk's railway station for 3.39 billion crowns. Instead of seven tracks, trains will stop at nine in the future. In addition, the Railway Administration will build a platform above the tracks to allow a pedestrian crossing from Florence to the main station.

Vizualizace nové podoby Masarykovo nádraží v Praze

Visualization of the new form of Masaryk railway station in Prague | Twitter, Jiří Svoboda

Freight station Žižkov

Life will return to one of the largest brownfields on the edge of the center of Prague. Developer Central Group was the first of the local land owners to start construction, and houses for new residents are already rising on the edge of the former freight station. The Park District, as the developer has dubbed the project on its land, is expected to house 2,500 apartments upon completion. In mid-2024, people will be able to move into the first block. Other developers, Penta Real Estate, Sekyra Group or Finep, are also seeking a building permit, while the city is trying to buy the historic building of the freight station from České drah and solve the possibilities of heating the entire district.

Rohan Island

In 2023, the developer Sekyra Group divided the large area of Rohanské ostrov along the Vltava with J&T Real Estate, which is already building on the nearby Invalidovna. To avoid confusion, the Sekyra Group part of the quarter will be called Rohan City, and the J&T part will be called Nový Rohan. J&T will build roughly a thousand apartments, offices and shops in several stages, the first phase is to start construction in 2024. Sekyra is currently completing two apartment buildings and an administrative building, in 2024 it wants to start the construction of two more buildings with apartments and offices, with which it will close the first stage your project. In addition, it plans to launch another stage that will be closer to the center.

Palm tree

The undelivered torso of the intended Prague 8 town hall could stop scaring Prague's Palmovka after years. In 2024, work will start here again and the new headquarters of the European Space Research Agency EUSPA will be established here. A demanding construction costing two billion crowns will cost Prague, and the agency should move into the building as a new tenant in 2025.

Development of Prague 9

Major construction activity has been taking place on brownfields in Prague 9 for several years. In 2024, Developer Central Group is scheduled to complete the first stage of the extensive housing project Tesla Hloubětín, which is being built on the brownfield site of a former radio and television production company. More than 2,500 apartments are to be built by 2030 in the new district that the developer is building. Nearby, this company has started another project, Harfa Living. Other developers will also build in Vysočany, for example, Penta Real Estate agreed with Kaprain in December to build a new district on the land of the former Howden ČKD factory in the immediate vicinity of Prague's O2 arena.

Dejvic's round ball

Great development is also awaiting Victory Square in Prague, which the people of Prague call nothing else but Kulaťák. While the completion of the fourth quadrant of the square, the shape of which was decided last year by the municipality with investors Penta Real Estate, Sekyra Group and Kaprain, is work for several years ahead, part of the square will change already in 2024. The developer Penta Real Estate will complete the Victoria project together with the Kaprain company Palace, which will close the block of houses on the square at the mouth of Verdunská Street. The building will mainly house apartments, but also shops and services on the ground floor. Penta will also complete the nearby Rezidence Juliska project.

Living in Šárka

Another big project is being planned in Prague 6, near the Šárecký forest. In 2024, the Crestyl Group wants to start the construction of the new Šárka residential district on the site of the former Aritma industrial complex. On the land where warehouses, production halls and offices are located today, Crestyl will build twenty so-called villadoms with more than two hundred apartments, family houses on the border with the forest, a kindergarten and spaces for services and shops.
Crestyl chystá rezidenční projekt Šárka. Ten vznikne v sousedství stejnojmenného přírodního parku.

Crestyl is preparing a Šárka residential project. It will be created in the neighborhood of the nature park of the same name. | Crestyl

Urban living

The Prague Development Company, which falls under the municipality, also wants to build. In Prague 5, he plans to build a six-story apartment building with 56 urban rental apartments and retail space. It is to grow between V Botanice and Matoušová streets, near the well-known Brutalist bank building by architect Karel Prager. But it is not clear whether it will be possible to start construction already in 2024, as was originally planned.

Reconstruction of Prague bridges

Prague will continue the reconstruction of bridges. The repair of the railway Branické bridge is to be completed in 2024, and the reconstruction of the Barrandovský bridge could also be completed prematurely after the merger of stages is considered.