The hall grew on an area of 21,350 square meters. Precise and safe guidance with automatic guidance of the handling equipment into the aisles enables efficient use of space. In addition to standard features, it is equipped with modern environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity and dust monitors. The space also makes it possible to implement elements of tracking the handling of goods, re-palletizing, sorting or completely closed spaces for valuable materials.

The strategic location of the warehouse with a connection to the highway network of the Czech Republic will allow Jusda Europe to offer a complete range of warehouse solutions, including the possibility of 24/7 operation. "Pardubice and the entire Pardubice region is a key location for us and our clients. Knowledge of the local environment and a solid employee platform will allow us, with the expansion of warehouses, to provide domestic and foreign customers with new capacities with the highest level of security according to TAPA A certification. Additional services will include the assembly of assemblies, quality control upon receipt of goods, sorting, or just-in-time delivery," says Petr Škoda, CEO of Jusda Europe.

An advanced warehouse management system and modern handling technology will speed up internal processes from receipt, through storage, inventory control, issue to dispatch. The warehouse uses system trolleys that are guided by means of induction lines for placing goods. Jusda offers the possibility of storing and handling standard and non-standard pallets, goods on slipsheets, but also piece goods and materials. The handling technology used is equipped with batteries with Li-Ion technology.

The warehouse allows for a variable layout so that we can respond flexibly to the needs of our customers. We are happy to have found a stable partner for the new warehouse, which is Jusda Europe," explains Robert Kuchar, CEO of MD logistika.

The construction company Marhold is behind the construction of one of the largest warehouses in the Pardubice region, for which it is the largest project in its history in terms of volume. "We have extensive experience with the construction of large warehouses, although it is by no means the main part of our production. In the past, we implemented, for example, production halls for the companies Kiekert, Apaq or two freezer halls directly for MD logistics," adds Lukáš Skokan, chairman of the board of Marhold.