Spaceflow is improving this building’s tenant experience through several notable use cases:


Spaceflow introduced a dedicated community engagement service to help THE ICON’s staff plan events and execute ongoing content creation campaigns. This is a force multiplier for Allianz’s staff, as it allows them to reliably offer a high-quality programmatic experience without taking much extra effort.


"The active approach to the people at the launch of the app was very dynamic and well prepared. This was immediately reflected in the number of users, which resulted in a successful start,"

Markus Jancik - property management

Markus Jancik, Property Management, THE ICON Vienna, Arealis



Fun activity in uncertain times! Face masks became a big part of our daily life. Therefore our community team organised a contest for the building community in THE ICON Vienna to show their most creative face masks.


Spaceflow’s platform is communicating with THE ICON’s in-place tech tools to offer managers better access to data via API, in order to uncover the full scope of tenant needs.




Allianz uses an integration of sensors in their canteen, so occupiers can check the capacity in real-time from their mobile. Thus, they can check when it is a good idea to visit and when it is better to wait, not only for convenience but also as a preventive measure in times of COVID-19.

As one of the planned use cases, THE ICON’s occupiers will be able to access building systems such as sensors and elevators via the Spaceflow app. This will help the office managers of THE ICON’s tenant companies easily provide a high-quality experience for their employees.


Spaceflow empowered THE ICON brand by building a compelling digital experience that reinforced Allianz‘s branding, imagery and messaging.



200 USERS signed up in the first hours of launch.

66% MAU demonstrating great adoption even in a very large community.

100% TENANTS onboarded since launch. 

21,420 SCREEN VIEWS Within one week of launch.


"We have gotten to know a number of Tenant Experience and building applications that are basically on the same level in terms of the content. With Spaceflow, however, it is our belief that we have found the best usability and user interface. The app is fast, intuitive and self-explanatory. A second important point is that the Spaceflow Community managers help from the very beginning to explain the added value to the tenants, they continuously post content, organise events and always look for new possible partners.

Our primary goal is to maintain direct contact with our tenants’ employees and to provide them with information about the building. Secondly, it is very important that we have a platform available in which we can integrate all the different digital solutions that exist in our building today, e.g. keyless entry, booking a meeting room, paying for concierge services and so on. We are very happy with the collaboration with Spaceflow."

Jerome Schaefer

Jérôme Schaefer, Real Estate Asset Management for North & Central Europe, Allianz