The Ikea distribution warehouse has been located in the premises of Segro Logistics Park Prague since 2014. It is popular among customers of the furniture chain due to its accessibility and short distance from the store itself.

Segro Logistics Park Prague offers up to 250,000 square meters of rentable space in 14 halls. It is located near Václav Havel Airport and is characterized by its connection to the city ring road and the D5 highway in the direction of Pilsen. It is also accessible by public suburban transportation, which is appreciated by the tenant employees and an important sustainability consideration for the park owner.

"At Segro, we build on long-term partnerships with our customers, and this is a great example. Environmental sustainability is also very important to us. The area of the park is therefore continuously undergoing innovations in order to meet the high standards of the international BREEAM certification. An example can be the recent installation of charging stations for electric cars, which are located right next to the Ikea distribution warehouse," says Daniel Kubizňák, head of the Czech Republic at Segro. Both Ikea customers and all park clients and their guests can use the charging stations. "We want our clients and their customers to have a pleasant stay with us. The time spent waiting for the delivery of goods can thus be effectively used by electric car drivers by recharging their car. Growth based on low carbon production is one of our strategic priorities, and by building more charging stations, we want to contribute to the development of electromobility in the Czech Republic," adds Daniel Kubizňák.

When developing industrial parks, Segro focuses, among other things, on the creation of green zones that support biodiversity. In order to take care of the environment, the company also started cooperating with a local beekeeper a few years ago. He helps with the selection of greenery in the premises of Segro Logistics Park Prague and regularly takes care of the apiary. With his participation, the company planted several trees next to one of the halls last year and modified the area intended for an orchard.

These are activities implemented as part of the Responsible Segro program. Its long-term priorities are growth based on low carbon emissions, investment in local communities and the environment, and developing the work skills of individuals.