"The previous referendum took place at the same time as the municipal elections on 5 and 6 October 2018. Of the 64% of citizens who voted in it, 40% were against the construction and 24% for the construction," states Milan Pulicar, mayor of Velký Beranov, and he adds: "The situation has changed significantly over the last three years. In particular, a bypass of the village was built, and also the last year with a covid, it significantly changed the economic situation. We, therefore, decided to give people the opportunity to comment again on the construction plan. ”PENNY welcomed the opportunity to reopen the topic of building a logistics center near the village. "We respect the decisions of the people in Velká Beranov, but in our opinion the situation is completely different than three years ago. We are glad that people will have the opportunity to rethink and comment on what we offer them. In today's uncertain times, we want to offer people the security of well-paid work, literally for humny and a strong partner of the municipality and its inhabitants in the years to come, "commented Radek Hovorka, the company's executive director, on the decision to call a new referendum.

It is not just about financial contributions

In the event of a positive decision on the construction of the warehouse, Penny offers the municipality a one-time contribution of CZK 8,000,000 for projects decided by the municipality itself and its inhabitants, and at the same time offers assistance with their implementation. Furthermore, it would mean annual contributions to local associations, clubs and sports clubs, for example for SDH and TJ Velký Beranov in the amount of 200,000 crowns per year. Every year, Penny would contribute to the municipal budget by paying real estate tax in the amount of over 500,000 crowns. "It's not just about financial contributions. We are ready to cooperate with the municipality in a number of other areas. For example, residents are calling for a new footbridge over the bypass, where we can help from our position in dealing with the relevant authorities. We are also ready to look for opportunities for cooperation in winter maintenance of roads around the village, to cooperate in planting greenery and maintenance or development of public spaces in the village, we want to organize sports and children's days and support social events in the village, and so on, "describes the possibilities of further cooperation Radek Hovorka.

Penny currently has 5 logistics centers

Penny currently has 5 logistics centers, namely in Radonice near Prague, Jirny near Prague, in Dobřany near Pilsen, near Lipník nad Bečvou and Mstětice. The logistics center near Velký Beranov would be another distribution point for the company. "We are constantly growing and this year we will open our 400th store. If you look at the distribution of our centers around the country, you can see that Vysočina is a place where we lack a warehouse in terms of logistics. We plan to supply our stores in the area from it so that we can offer our customers the freshest products. In the case of Velký Beranov, the proximity of the D1 motorway, to which it is also situated, is important for us. The new bypass then excluded freight transport from the village and will make it possible to supply stores in the direction of Jihlava and South Moravia without the traffic bothering the population in the slightest, "describes Tomáš Kubza, Penny's head of logistics.

The planned logistics center would be one of the most modern centers in the Czech Republic designed in harmony with the environment and nature. It is sensitively incorporated into the landscape. Towards the village, which is approximately 700 meters away, it is planned to build a green wall, 2,000 trees are to be planted on it, the area will be equipped with a rainwater retention tank and not only bee communities but also birds of prey will find a home in its area.

Basic parameters of the logistics center

hall for storage of food products with the necessary administrative, social and technical facilities
non-basement building with a floor plan of approximately 106 × 235 m and a maximum height of 17.0 m

Lot size

- approximately 25,000 m2 of built-up area
- approximately 30,000 m2 of additional paved areas (roads, parking for about 90 cars, parking for about 40 trucks, petrol stations, car wash, gatehouse, bicycle shed, shelter for smokers, etc. smaller buildings)


- in the cadastre of the village of Velký Beranov more than 500 m from the nearest residential area, behind the roundabout and bypass
- entry and exit mainly from and to the D1; entrance through the gate at a distance of about 350 m from the roundabout in the direction of the D1 motorway

Agricultural land on the land under consideration

- soil creditworthiness III., ie soil with an average production capacity and a medium degree of protection
- this land can be used for construction in spatial planning after appropriate approval

Operation in the considered area

Number of employees about 160
Number of work shifts 2
Entrance to the complex in the direction from the D1 motorway
Arrival of the first trucks per shift from 4:00
Arrival of the last trucks at the end of the shift until 22:00
Noise protection measures with a green mound and tree planting
Truck parking - only temporary. There is no parking lot for drivers to spend the night in.