"We have successfully completed the next stage of the modernization of the multimodal complex around Brno Airport, and I am glad that space, which has long been unjustly overlooked, has been given a new, modern coat. At the same time, we are responding to the current needs of the market and to the last months, which clearly shows that quality logistics is the basis of the functioning of the world economy under the conditions of the situation. Of course, I firmly believe that our new tenant will soon decide on air freight as well. The premises, strategic position at the airport, and the equipment of the Brno terminal give it the best conditions for this, "says Milan Kratina, CEO of the Accolade Group, which operates Brno Airport and also finances the multimodal complex.

"From September 14, 2020, we are at a new address, in a new modern hall in a strategic location for the region of South Moravia and Vysočina. We have a state-of-the-art sorting line with a capacity of 3,600 pieces per hour. We purchased an electric eCrafter for quiet and ecological delivery in Brno. This year has shown very clearly the importance of a reliable and flexible transport network. The new premises in Brno must be even closer to our clients and support their business even better. DHL is constantly investing in new infrastructures and we in the Czech Republic are part of this continuous development. I believe that our customers will appreciate the new terminal and all other benefits. Of course, the strategic location at the airport opens up new possibilities for the future,” says Luděk Drnec, CEO of DHL Express (Czech Republic).

"The whole world is always looking for a coronavirus vaccine, the economy needs a similar vaccine, and one of the few components is certainly modern logistics, which requires fast and reliable transport of goods and materials. I believe that thanks to DHL Express we will finally be able to fully develop the potential of a unique location in Brno. The building, built on a brownfield, meets all the standards of modern sustainable construction. With the BREEAM certification of the Excellent level with two other environmentally friendly industrial buildings in Central Europe,“ added Klára Sobotková, Panattoni's Sales Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Accolade Holding, a.s. provides a first-class infrastructure for doing business in Europe. Most often for tenants of world brands in the areas of e-commerce, manufacturing, and logistics. In the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and Slovakia, its own network of 26 BREEAM-certified industrial parks guarantee a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

In the future, prepare a polygon for the development and certification of vehicles with autonomous driving. In more than nine years, let the existence of a portfolio of a commercial real estate company with an area exceeding 1.3 million m2 worth almost EUR 1,134 billion. It invests not only in the construction of new projects, but also in the revitalization of neglected brownfields.

In 2019, their share in the Czech portfolio increased to 35%, in Poland it is 50%. The total area of ​​the restored sites is about 610,000 m2. In 2014, the group established the first-class industrial real estate fund Accolade Fund Sicav, in which qualified investors can invest and participate in such a development of the modern industry. In 2017, a group of operators bought the second busiest airport in the Czech Republic, Brno-Tuřany.

Dynamic growth and sustainable industry is a priority for Accolade. Thanks to this, in 2019 the group became the fastest-growing company in the Czech Republic and was included in the TOP 5 fastest growing companies in Europe within the real estate segment. Accolade wants to lead by example not only in business but also in social responsibility.

Part of the corporate culture is to be a trustworthy and responsible partner. For several years, it has supported sheltered housing and social therapy workshops of the non-profit organization Mela, as well as projects in the field of science, culture (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival) and sports (in cooperation with the Česká spořitelna-Accolade cycling team) and in cooperation with regional governments. development of the sites they determine.

Source:  Retrend - Multimodální komplex od Accolade vítá dalšího silného nájemce.