"We perceive our parks around the capital as literally premium, there is no longer a single square meter available in these places. This is doubly true for CTPark Prague East, which is historically due to its location, where the Prague ring road intersects and at the same time the complex is situated in the direction of the D1 motorway, where tens of thousands of cars pass daily. The effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic have only exacerbated this enormous interest, and we are preparing to expand the CTPark Prague North, "comments Michal Bujárek, business developer at CTP.

Eleven tenants now operate in the six buildings of CTPark Prague East with a total area of ​​90,000 square meters. The complex offers a combination of buildings from larger warehouses and production facilities to a completely newly built long and shallow type of building with a completely glazed front of the facade, which also serves the purposes of showrooms, shops or e-shops. The park also includes an office building.

The showroom will be used mainly by Volvo car dealers and Jaguar Auto Průhonice, which has been operating in CTPark since last spring. Another part of the building belongs to the already mentioned company Mapo medical, focused on the distribution of materials and equipment for healthcare, spas and nursing.

CTP and Mapo medical have been growing together for a long time within the CTPark network - they established their first cooperation on an area of ​​over 1,500 square meters within CTPark Brno, and now Mapo medical has leased another 2,600 square meters in CTPark Prague East. "We are always pleased to know that the premises for our tenants serve purposes with a certain added value. And this is exactly the case when CTPark Brno stores medical supplies, protective aids, coronavirus tests, which are so in demand at this time, ”adds Jakub Kodr, CTP's sales director for the Czech Republic.

"The aim of the project in CTPark Prague East is to streamline the continuous supply of our clients. Therefore, the strategic location of the logistics center at the D1 motorway was crucial for our selection. The quality and speed of the supply of medical supplies and technology are our priority, ”says Martin Polach from Mapo medical.

Other new tenants of CTPark Prague East include Dakacom, which specializes in 3D printing, and Yale, which will service handling equipment in Nupaky. The logistics company Raben is also a major tenant and long-term business partner in the Nupaky complex. It provides services in 13 countries in the areas of contract logistics, domestic and international transport for clients operating in various industries and has long-term cooperation with CTP across the entire network of its CTParks. Another large tenant is XXXLutz, which has a furniture warehouse and a customer service.

All CTP buildings are certified within the BREEAM environmental system, the newly completed properties aim for certification at the Excellent and Outstanding levels. New buildings therefore include, for example, rainwater management, waterless urinals, monitoring and control of energy consumption within individual sections of the building, intelligent lighting controlled by daylight and motion sensors or a special seamless floor for the installation of an automatic storage system. The total roof area is also ready for the installation of photovoltaic panels.