"The year 2023 was a challenge for us, but also a year of opportunity. Our ability to quickly respond to changes in the market, diversification of the customer portfolio and investments in key areas allowed us to achieve historically high results. We are growing thanks to our flexibility and regular investments," said Aleš Willert, CEO of the C.S.CARGO group.

In the second half of 2023, the group faced a partial stagnation of the economy and rising costs due to inflation. Increasing pressure on prices, quality and flexibility also continued. Despite these challenges, road freight transport managed to grow by 8% and logistics by 13%. On the other hand, sea and air transport saw a decrease due to lower unit prices.

"Our customers increasingly diversify the risk of non-delivery and delayed orders and also use alternative solutions. For example, consolidated shipments in boxes by rail have become a suitable alternative to problematic sea transport. In this way, we provide clients with a faster and more flexible alternative, which is also more ecological, as it contributes to the reduction of costs and CO2 emissions," added Aleš Willert.

In 2023, the C.S.CARGO group continued its strategy of intensive investments, when it invested 376.5 million crowns in the renewal of the vehicle fleet, new logistics projects and IT technologies. This investment also included cyber defense projects that strengthened operational efficiency and security. As part of the digitization of processes, the group has implemented a Track and Trace system for tracking shipments also at contractual partners and is continuing with the automation of processes. Emphasis is also placed on business sustainability and reducing emissions, whether through investment in fleet renewal or continued testing of alternative drives. In addition, intensive preparations for ESG certification are underway.

At the end of 2023, the C.S.CARGO group completed the acquisition of PUMR & RYBA, TRANSPORT-SPEDITION, spol. s.r.o., thereby expanding the range of transport of bulk materials. The group continued its acquisition activities and in 2024 successfully took over almost 82% of the share of NAD – RESS Senica, a.s., which is one of the key players in the field of refrigerated distribution and customer service in the FMCG segment in Slovakia. With this step, the C.S.CARGO group significantly strengthens its position on the Slovak market and expands its capacities in the field of specialized transport services. "We continue to fulfill our long-term strategy, diversification of activities, thanks to the support of our customers and the tireless efforts of our employees," concluded Aleš Willert.