Each room and corridor of the new Brno headquarters and production hall is equipped with an air purifier with a UV filter. SanificaAria is the first patented system focused directly on viruses and bacteria that cleans the air in areas where people are. It either stands alone as a panel or is built into the luminaires. It sucks air into a closed chamber, where it disinfects it and discharges it free of bacteria, viruses and fungi, with an efficiency of 99.9%. For example, on an area of ​​over 50 m2, it cleans the air in just four hours.

"We developed this special technology in Italy for the purpose of fighting the covid last year. We have sold thousands of pieces and helped us overcome difficult times. In our country, it is used by objects all over the country. I am glad that we are now introducing this novelty in our Brno company as well, ”explains Gian Pietro Beghelli, owner of the Italian Beghelli Group.

"We are the first brand new building in the Czech Republic to use this technology to clean the air from viruses in full operation and in the presence of people throughout the building. This distinguishes it from similar devices, which can only be used in empty rooms. We breathe clean air without having to keep ventilating. Our treatment plant is suitable for all types of high-traffic buildings, such as hospitals, schools, factories and offices, ”describes Radim Linka, CEO of the Czech representation of Beghelli - Elplast.
Beghelli Hall - Elplast is the first project in the new street, the location is awaiting development

The 8,000 m2 hall was opened today by representatives of the city of Brno together with the Italian ambassador and the management of the Beghelli - Elplast company, on the border of the two city districts of Bosonohy and Starý Lískovec. This is the first completed project from the planned construction, which also put into operation the introductory section of the new Eliška Junková Street, bearing the name of the former car racer.

Together with the new facilities of Beghelli - Elplast, it is also recruiting other employees, for example as a production operator or sales representative. The company with Italian roots specializes in the production of industrial and office lighting and emergency systems. It has now moved from an older development in the center of Brno to a modern and energy-efficient building. Thanks to the new hall, it expects an increase in production by 30 to 50%.