ESG is becoming an increasingly important factor in the world of investment and business management. The introduction of the ESG strategy not only underlines the fund's commitment to environmental responsibility, but is also a milestone for existing and potential new investors, foreign partners and financing institutions.

The Arete Group informs that, as part of its ESG strategy, it systematically works to improve aspects related to the environment, social responsibility and ethics. In the environmental field, according to its statement, the group is actively working to reduce the energy efficiency of buildings and its emission footprint. At the same time, Arete actively supports biodiversity and the protection of water resources.

In the social sphere, the group, as it says, continues to actively support local communities and charities. It also cares about the health, safety and well-being of its employees and tenants. In the field of governance, the Arete group promotes ethical values in the field of management and administration.

"The Arete investment and real estate group considers the promotion of ESG values as one of its priorities. For this reason, we have implemented a comprehensive ESG strategy for the Arete Industrial fund. We are proud to be pioneers in the domestic capital market. Our international investors appreciate that the Arete Industrial fund continues to develop within the framework of international standards," Lubor Svoboda, co-founder of the Arete Group, says about the implementation of the ESG strategy.

Arete Industrial becomes one of the first "light green funds" in the Czech Republic. "Currently, it is already obvious that capital appreciation can be achieved in a socially responsible way. However, the implementation of the strategy itself is only the beginning for us. In the future, we intend to further refine our ESG procedures and possibly expand the criteria we take into account when investing