The most recent study was prepared by VÚMOP in Pavlov u Unhoště and deals with water runoff in relation to existing buildings. Complex measures in Panattoni Park Prague Airport II prevented a negative impact on the water balance in the watershed, because thanks to them there is no accelerated outflow of a large volume of water from the area of the treated watershed.

"Environmental impact and efficient water management are priorities for us. Therefore, we do not only deal with water consumption inside buildings. We also treat rainwater that falls on the surfaces of our parks responsibly. Retention tanks help to keep the water at the point of fall, it is then absorbed again locally or drains more slowly, so we are getting closer to the state when the land was agricultural land and the small water cycle is not disturbed. I greatly appreciate the cooperation with the Research Institute of Land Reclamation and Protection, because we want to use their experience for proposals for specific solutions and better work with risk assessment. In Pavlov, where Panattoni Park Prague Airport II is located, we wanted to check through a study how the solution we applied fulfills its function and what we can further improve in the future. When managing rainwater, it is necessary to take the wider environment into account," says Pavel Sovička, CEO of Panattoni for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Within the framework of the study, standard parameters were evaluated with realistically achieved parameters during the last five years. The VÚMOP found that the Pavlova location is now only a negligible 1.1% worse in terms of rainwater management efficiency for average rainfall episodes than the original state with standard agricultural management. It is important to mention that there were also no agricultural drainage structures (melioration) in the assessed area. Drainage pipes are otherwise found on a significant proportion of agricultural land in the Czech Republic. If their presence were not taken into account and appropriately dealt with, the efficiency of water management of the original agricultural use would deteriorate even further. The study also resulted in measures for efficient rainfed management, which, after implementation within the Panattoni projects, can lead to even more efficient results than the original method of intensive agricultural management.

"Water management is very important for the Czech landscape. We are glad that more and more companies like Panattoni are taking this fact very seriously. As the location of Pavlova has shown, even industrial areas can be built responsibly in this respect in relation to natural conditions. With regard to the effects of climate change, it is nevertheless necessary, in addition to currently applied procedures, to pay attention to solving extreme episodes, transformation and safe management of related outflows, as well as replenishment of deeper aquifers through adequate approaches," says Petr Fučík from the Research Institute of Land Reclamation and Protection, v.v.i.

Panattoni Park Prague Airport II currently consists of six buildings, the total area of which exceeds 120,000 square meters.

You can find the complete study here.