The architectural rendering of the project will be modern, innovative, and at the same time, it tries to connect with the local environment as sensitively as possible. The industrial character of the region will reflect the use of corten on building facades. The public spaces are deliberately designed - in contrast to the strict geometry of the halls - with a free organic form and are intended to encourage rest and appear relaxed.

"We are very pleased to be able to start building Urbanity Campus Bruntál. I believe that we have prepared a very high-quality and innovative project providing a pleasant working environment in the region, which will offer a wide range of support services not only for employees, but also for the public. We continue to build extremely economical buildings with smart energy solutions," explains Roland Hofman, co-founder and CEO of Urbanity.

As in Tachov, the area will aspire to comprehensive certification, and civic amenities including, for example, relaxation zones, a canteen, and public services should be available here. At the same time, generous planting of greenery and the construction of new infrastructure, including a new bus stop, are planned.